Thursday, August 2, 2012

Open Letter to match-makers

Dear People who think they are matchmakers,

I don't know what makes you actually walk up to me every time you see me at weddings, at pooja's, on the road..anywhere actually..and ask me "beta, ladke dekhna kaise chal raha hai"

I know you are supremely "concerned": about me being married but please it would be a pleasure to not pop up in front of me just anywhere and asking me this question every time..and pledge to find a suitable guy for me..Seriously don't trouble your dung-filled head so much for me...

Or is it maybe that you are so bored with you "happily married" life so much that you cant see other unmarried's happy..
Maybe you miss your single life so much that it gets on your nerves to see a happy single flirting and getting all the attention..
If you think you are being sarcastic by asking me marriage then let me tell you...You suck... that too big time
Whatever it is..its your bad...

Now, let me open your eyes to a few things..
Next time i might lose my cool and say sumthng nasty that I actually say aloud in my head...if only you could hear my head would never face me ever in this life...
The smile you see on my face is not a blush its simply a smirk..I call it the fuck-off smile

Now, that you have taken upon yourself to find me a need to know...I really am as crazy as i look maybe a bit more...and I am too choosy when it comes to men..
All those who have tried have almost given up...including my harrowed parents..pity
You wanna try and burn your finger...welcome abode..

If ever I hurt you by rejecting your bald, fat, toothless, bore, narrow minded, 36 year old 5th couzin of your 3rd uncles's wife's brother's sister-in-laws husband's cousin brother's son..then am so sorry to hurt your match making sentiments....its just my subtle way of saying Do not try again

Sincerely Yours