Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Save Money (paisa bachao, chindi bano)

I and one of my girl pals were having a chat about "conscious spending"..
That's one area that I invariably fail..that too miserably...

Every month I promise myself
"Girl, you are not taking a rick, take a bus or a sharing"
"Whoa woman...don't go on an online or offline shopping spree"
"Hey, you are growing fat...No eating out...let that pizza and subway be"

But end up splurging enough to put my account balance to shame..

On 6th July 2012, we both chicks decided to pull each other off unwanted money spending..
I call it "Paisa Bachao Andolan"..

How? We had no idea..

We decided on the tried and tested "Maintain a Diary" method...I had tried this..after precisely a week of decent entry..moment the first weekend comes diary vanishes automatically

Then we decided to keep minimal money in out purses..or else hide those 500 and 100 notes in a place that we might forget and get it as a surprise some day.
We set a target as in spend only Rs. 40 per day, anything more than that we get punished.
We decided as a punishment for over-spending we would keep our cellphones at home the next day.

We even made an excel sheet for tracking our expenses.

Week 1: 100% Success
Week 2: 100% success (grin)
Week 3: Tuesday phone stayed home coz Monday I couldn't resist pani puri, Saturday phone stayed home, again pani-puri the culprit (small smile)
Week 4: 100% success (toothy ear to ear grin)

31st July 2012: An embarrassing war dance..woooooohooooo..This is Sparta and I am a Spartan..wooooohoooo (dont ask me where the Sparta thing came from I am just too happy to have my Mission accomplished)

I should treat myself an ice-cream....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

He + Her = ?

When you think, I can hear those thoughts...you cant hear me sooth you in your pain..You cant hear me cry, when you cry..You cant feel my heart..but I know you..I know your story...I know how I came here...

I heard you say all this to your Doctor....

You met him at a friends party...dashing...dynamic...all masculine...sexy...suave...
You were constantly eying him in that party..flirting with him..then he looked at you...with all eyes full of admiration for you when he scanned you all over...you blushed then...am sure you must have looked very cute then..You then behaved as if you didn't notice the raw emotion on his face that tingled you very being..
Your friend then introduced you both..you exchanged numbers...In 2 days, he called you..

I know what you are thinking now...about that man..his lingering touch...the admiring look that he gave...words that melted you in his arms...that raw look of wanting you in every way possible..
You loved him always...without even knowing his intentions..
You believed his every word...
You felt that tinge of excitement of something wild that was to happen..Something dangerous yet wonderful...

Then it happened...He was a master of seduction..when he felt you all over..kissed every part of you..you didn't realize when you lost control over yourself...and when he savored you in every way....

You didn't realize then...But I was already born...in you...

Today, I say all this because..After 3 months,being a part of every emotion you felt, taking in every breath you took, feeling every heart beat..

YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME MOM....For no fault of mine...I hate the word Abortion..Trust me Mom, I tried to protect you from all what he did to you..

He didn't love you,mom...but you still love him
He always hurt you..but you still love him..
He left you..You still yearn for him..

I love you ..but you going to kill me
I promised myself never to hurt you...but you going to hurt me..
I would never leave you mom...but you gonna leave me..

Don't you love me mom?...Am I nothing to you?..

Im scared mom...This sharp scissor, it hurts mom....Please don't do this...Please...don't....Mom.....I.Love.............................

Note: Why I wrote this? I met a doctor who showed astonishing number abortions that happen these days.
Women may have reasons to abort...but what about the pain the baby feels?...whose responsibility was it? what was its fault that it got conceived to two very irresponsible people? 
Maybe it wanted to live, love, care and share..But, it never will...Never.... 

Read on Facebook: Abortion doesn't mean you are un-pregnant, its just means that you are a murderous parent of a dead child.
50 million babies aborted in last 15 years. Its a sad number 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Half Yearly "Returns"

This post was inspired from a status on Facebook that read "
Half the year has gone by...how was the first half for everyone?
It looks as if 2012 just started..with people saying 2012 is going to be the end...last...Doom's year blah blah...We are all gonna be swallowed on 21.12.2012 so,predicted by the Mayan's.
Seems I just celebrated my birthday in January...
Its really amazing to think how time can pass by so soon...its Mid-year already and so many things have changed already

My first half of the year was weird 
Men my parents got, came with mustache and beard

People came..People went
My friends were almost absent 

Met new people..Missed old ones
Saw new places in the past 6 months 

Laughed till my stomach hurt
Cried till my tears dried 

Wanted to be a bride
Dude, for that I tried..I really tried 

Half year is down already? Uh oh!
All I have is a dumb list of excuses.
Thanks for everything nice that I have got..
2012 you better give me my wishes that you forgot.


Head: Forget it Dee..You cant write a poem to save your life
Me: You must be kidding..This is awesome 

Head (sarcastically rolling eyes): Yea right

Me: Shut up head, you can never appreciate what I ever create..Ahh, look this rhymes too..Ohh am awesome

Head *talk to the hand expression*