Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Aging like a Wine...Older the better

2012's first post...101th shagun post...
"XX” age  in the making....my XXth birthday (I am a girl and I am old enough and my female instincts have made me hide my age)
Whatever might be my age I just love my birthdays.. I always eagerly look forward to it.

I'd had my big "Oh my god I'm getting older" existential crisis when I turned 25 - so after getting that out of the way, I was ready to welcome my “growing up” with open arms. Here's how it all went down.

I usually make a big deal out of birthday’s but for some reason, turning a year older has really made me think about whether I have learnt anything at all from my past (that sounds really grown-up, doesn’t it (:P), and really it wasn’t until I was actually thinking about my birthday sitting in front of the mirror admiring myself that  it occurred to me… It’s actually affected me in a way I hadn’t considered before – not sure if everyone goes through this at “xx age” or if it’s just me!

Anyway, there are much more important things happening in the world, and whilst I will get over it, and I am sure that I will eagerly wait for the clock to strike 12am and expect my mobile phone to beep with smses, bbm’s, calls, my facebook wall to have many wishes, and gifts, and enjoying one of those "OMG, I am a year older" moment. One thing this has made me realize, is that I want to continue to make the most of every moment in my life.

So I thought it would be fun to do a post today revealing a few things about me while I am still younger than “xx age”, I wrote this post before, so it was relevant at the time
XX” Things About Me ;-P

These are things which I have never publicly revealed…
#1: I started life taking things as lightly as possible. Seriousness is not really my cup of tea anymore, be it an angry family member, or a irate boss or a emotional friend…All is well

#2: Thou shalt not swear…ahem…well I used to shamelessly swear like a crazy uncouth maniac…this year I have sworn to anyone as less as possible.*T&C Apply

#3: I still talk and talk and talk…but, now I have learnt to enjoy the sound of silence too.

#4: My deadly sins are emotions and sentiments- I have learnt to control them

#5: I managed to actually shut myself off when I don’t want to hear or see the people whom I thought could break me.

#6: I have started taking rejections rather easily…not like before..then I used to hide myself inside an invisible protective shell after a recent rejection

#7: I have started trusting my instincts more than ever. It’s spooky sometimes…

#8: I have started believing in the Law of Attraction.

#9: My faith in God increased even after a few setbacks and downfalls

#10: I still watch cartoons and behave like a 8 year old at times
#11:I dance when am alone and sing aloud even though I know I sound like a frog stuck in a washing machine

#12: I feel more woman than ever (secrets, shopping, gossips, cosmetics, spas…) how I love being a girl..correction..woman

#13: I am passionate – seriously passionate – *tch tch* ;-).

#14:I have become an animal lover, especially bitches....suits my persona at times*T & C Apply

#15: I have been doing some serious planning about “life”…and I think I should be heading somewhere with the planning this year.

#16:My confidence had gone for a toss last year…then came back with a bang…and it stays on…..stronger than ever..The Phoenix Effect

#17: I plan to change my surname this year…..finally
#18: I won 3 awards and 2 competitions this year…how I feel so.hhhhmmmmmmmm.

#19:I have sat on the “tiger point” at Lonavla at 4am with a hot chai in my hand, love songs pouring in my ears and seen the sunrise…..blissssful

#20:I still dream of being a warrior princess.

#21:I am still scared of the dark and injections still freak my out

#22:I am quite happy with materialistic pleasures
#23:My idea of “prince charming” has changed drastically….and has become more practical and attainable

#oo: I plan to get married this year without making too many compromises

#ox: I plan to go off on an impromptu vacation ALONE somewhere
#xo: I plan to be learn to drive......
#xx:Finally, Happy Birthday to me.

:-) :-P :-D