Monday, November 5, 2012

SOS: Music

I write this while an electronic dubstep track is blaring through my headphones in ear deafening volume..

Its so true that music is an ultimate route to the to the soul. Music can heal. I can take you to a different world altogether.
For me it is true, the moment i shove my earphones in my ear, irrespective of the song blasting into my ears i get transported to an unknown random world. Its like moving into a different horizon all together.

I generally like to keep my volume at the max, so much so that the cell phone flashes across a warning that "this might damage your ear".

And Im almost music illiterate, I cant distinguish between trance and electronic...nor can I tell the difference between metal or rock...for me music is sumthng that pleases me..

Bollywood crappy item numbers, to romantic duets, Hindi classics, to backstreet boys to enigma, to infected mushroom to Pitbull, Jagjit Singh to Himesh Reshammaiya, raunchy vulgar lyrics to meaningful soothing lyrics..I can listen to any music as long as it makes me happy and contented. is directly proportionate to my mood....
But, personally I prefer peppy dancing numbers.... ganpati dance type *mumbaikar in me does a happy dance yooohoo*

And I have this perennial problem with me..once i happen to like a song..i put it in repeat mode and listen to it a gazillion times until i get so bored of it that I don't listen to it for ages....then one fine day I hear the same song being played in some far away place and search for it n play it all over again....

There are so many songs in my playlist in the "played a 1000000 times in the repeat mode and now just occupying space in my songs list"

Some songs tend to remind you of people...yea..many people actually ...

Music is just a part of everyone's life


  1. Very Nicely Narrated toughts... Kudos to Deepa...I am a fan...

  2. ditto about listening to a song on repeat a gazillion times till the point of getting bored and ages later a random listen triggering for a yearning to listen to the song again.. :)

    1. Dear Humbl,

      Thanks for everything :-) I mean it

  3. So true!!! I'm also music illiterate.


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