Thursday, November 8, 2012

Open letter to Girls in Minimal dresses

Dear Chicks in minimal dresses,

Don't get me wrong here for sounding like a octogenarian, but lately I have been noticing many like too many chicks rather chicklets wearing minimal outfits to work and college.

Not that anyone is complaining, about your rising hemlines and falling necklines.
It may be a normal setting in your college or wherever you work but really its so out of place in the local trains and a kind of conservative Indian society.

You might want a lot of attention..You might want to be popular..You might want the hunky football captain to be your boyfriend..but that doesn't mean you roam around strutting your stuff..
Ohh yea..this handkerchief like outfits do get you into trouble for which you wail and expect our innocent men to bear the beatings..

By the way, the Bangkok shopped cutesy little skirts and halter tops go really well and those doll like girls with same skin color toned shapely legs but look absolutely shit to see blackened knees and tree bark like thighs.

For your kindest information, after the initial attraction to your assets men start finding this nakedness boring and too obvious..they still are mama's boys and like the mystery in a woman..its called the dhakao dikhao policy but you girls follow too much into dikhao dikhao policy lately.

They still want to take home a "fully covered" girl to their mommies.

Im not someone who swears on salwar kameezes or is shy to flaunt my stuff..but I sincerely dil se have seen, heard people talking ill about girls wearing insi winsi's even if she is totally innocent
Please start covering yourself, if not for you then for our sanctity..

Sincerely yours,
Someone who dresses appropriately in public places


  1. well i belong to those who even doesn't find this stuff a normal setting in college, as ya' say

    I believe college is supposedly a place to study and is thus equivalent to a temple and all..........!!!

    but these days who cares ( so thus enjoys 'em !! :P )

  2. Hmmm...jealous much? ;-)
    LOL! Just kidding!Nice post...entertaining and makes its point well..

  3. hahahaha...
    wait till bjp or shivsena or mns makes it a poll campaign.. :D :P

  4. right dose of humor mixed in this should-be-noted subject. very good post. enjoyed reading it. :-)


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