Tuesday, July 17, 2012

He + Her = ?

When you think, I can hear those thoughts...you cant hear me sooth you in your pain..You cant hear me cry, when you cry..You cant feel my heart..but I know you..I know your story...I know how I came here...

I heard you say all this to your Doctor....

You met him at a friends party...dashing...dynamic...all masculine...sexy...suave...
You were constantly eying him in that party..flirting with him..then he looked at you...with all eyes full of admiration for you when he scanned you all over...you blushed then...am sure you must have looked very cute then..You then behaved as if you didn't notice the raw emotion on his face that tingled you very being..
Your friend then introduced you both..you exchanged numbers...In 2 days, he called you..

I know what you are thinking now...about that man..his lingering touch...the admiring look that he gave...words that melted you in his arms...that raw look of wanting you in every way possible..
You loved him always...without even knowing his intentions..
You believed his every word...
You felt that tinge of excitement of something wild that was to happen..Something dangerous yet wonderful...

Then it happened...He was a master of seduction..when he felt you all over..kissed every part of you..you didn't realize when you lost control over yourself...and when he savored you in every way....

You didn't realize then...But I was already born...in you...

Today, I say all this because..After 3 months,being a part of every emotion you felt, taking in every breath you took, feeling every heart beat..

YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME MOM....For no fault of mine...I hate the word Abortion..Trust me Mom, I tried to protect you from all what he did to you..

He didn't love you,mom...but you still love him
He always hurt you..but you still love him..
He left you..You still yearn for him..

I love you ..but you going to kill me
I promised myself never to hurt you...but you going to hurt me..
I would never leave you mom...but you gonna leave me..

Don't you love me mom?...Am I nothing to you?..

Im scared mom...This sharp scissor, it hurts mom....Please don't do this...Please...don't....Mom.....I.Love.............................

Note: Why I wrote this? I met a doctor who showed astonishing number abortions that happen these days.
Women may have reasons to abort...but what about the pain the baby feels?...whose responsibility was it? what was its fault that it got conceived to two very irresponsible people? 
Maybe it wanted to live, love, care and share..But, it never will...Never.... 

Read on Facebook: Abortion doesn't mean you are un-pregnant, its just means that you are a murderous parent of a dead child.
50 million babies aborted in last 15 years. Its a sad number 


  1. very touching dee brought me to tears

  2. very very heart wrenching.. By the end of it I actually winced.. Its sad but in the case you mentioned above, I feel that the child is better off not being born. Heartless I know, but what would be the future of such a child? maybe it would be abandoned in garbage or in some shelter. Every other day, we hear news of child abuse, rape and other ghastly acts on kids in such shelters.
    I know that the fault is of the two irresponsible people here, but even if they had been responsible and lets say they used protection, its never 100% guaranteed that conception won't happen.
    But yes, knowingly, not using protection and inviting a new body within you and then killing it is a heinous crime.

  3. Very movingly written! As maithili says, however, difficult to decide whether being an unwanted child is better than being dead! The sin first lies in the careless act of conception first, of course.

  4. As crude as this sounds, its the truth - better an aborted child than one who's arrival was not anticipated, probably even hated by one/ both parent(s) who in some cases might not even choose to associate with the child after its birth or might blame the child for all the life changing decisions that follow after its birth.

    That does not however shift the blame from the parents to be in any way perceivable. Loved the racy narration and the punch at the end - it is without doubt my personal favorite pattern of narration.

    Cheers :)

  5. nys blog...the font could have been a tad smaller...
    eagerly waiting for more posts...

  6. Thw reply button on my site is not working for some reason so am not able to respond to your comments individually .Sorry my readers...

  7. Maithili, C Suresh AS Thanks for reading

    imagine the kids point of view..there are so many ways to avoid pregnancy if 1 fails other may just work...but people bring in a young and then kill it mercilessly...because of being irresponsible, immature and stupid..

    who know the baby might have been the nicest human..or maybe a visionary..or just a sweet little kid..

    how could people just drop it as if it was nothing..its a living being..a part of you..living..feeling..being..

    how cruel is it

  8. Thanks for reading Humble devil..and thanks a lot for ur suggestion..

    Applied..hope it suits :)

  9. just noticed..the date for your post is july 20...
    living in the future are we???

  10. just noticed the date for the post...july 20..
    living in the future are we??

  11. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Bloggers.

    This was a heart-wrenching write-up. Written very well from the baby's point of view. Abortion is one of those topics that will always be up for discussion. I don't agree with the taking of any life - only God has that right, since He is the one who gave us life - but I understand that in some cases, abortions are necessary. Thought-provoking post. Thanks for sharing.

    I invite you to linkup to Blog Hop Saturday! Linkup #3. Linky is currently open. Hope you can make it!

  12. i hsd scheduled this post on 20th but sumthng happened n it got posted with a future date

    nice observation Humble Devil

  13. Thank you for reading Andy and commenting too

    and a special Thanks for thr invite to Linky.. I have added myself in it..looking forward for next Linky

    1. Dear Dee Dee,
      Welcome to Blog Hop Saturday! Thanks for linking up. I'm catching up on my visits. The next hop will be held on Aug 3rd-4th. I have changed the guidelines to allow 2 entries per blogger. Everyone is welcome, so bring your friends (smile). Looking forward to your return.

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      Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  14. It is true that it is sort of murder but then I also feel that it is individual thought.. bringing a unwanted child and not looking after it is also veyr sad and the worst one can do with a child ..

    so a lot of points havr to be considered , although just aborting for no reason is also not right ..

    came over for the blog hop from andy sir's blog


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Bikram
      seriously it is so wrong to kill a life for no fault of it..If a child has to be aborted becoz of complications its understandable..but conceiving it and then discarding it is like murdering a kid after its born....imagine the pain the child might have gone thru

  15. Very sticky subject, so many different thoughts about it. I personally don't agree with abortion. I see it like this... If you don't want to have a baby maybe you should have taken the necessary steps so you wouldn't get pregnant?

    I also believe that if you end up pregnant from a crime, then I could see aborting it. But that is the only time I think that I could agree with.

    Very thought provoking article, stopping by via the hop on Andy's blog.

  16. Debbie thanks for reading and commenting

    people may have reasons..but even if a crime has occurred and you know it..why not prevent it..there are after-pills available in the market too.

    Why let a life grow and then kill it as if it was nothing?


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