Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yes! I did it..finally

Yes I did it finally....I did finally bid an adieu..I knew this was coming for a few months..but  I never thought I would be strong enough to actually do it and stand by it..I wouldn't really matter to any of you..but I did matter to me
Initially it was tough, but guess it all in the mind..

Ok must be wondering what exactly am i exactly ranting it is..

Some things in my life were causing more negative than any good...99% people didn't care of what happened there..1% who care are still with me..

Still wondering? (wait wait don't click the X button yet)

I deleted my Facebook profile..{you would say "Ok, whats the big deal"..It was a big deal for an addict}
Like seriously, it was killing my optimism, it was making my life look duller than ever..even if it wasn't...

and just LIKE-COMMENT- blah blah was just so lame....

I don't want to to know who went where,
I don't want to know if you got sloshed in this awesome party
I don't want to know if you celebrated your 2nd anniversary in Paris
I don't want to know if you had 30 children
I don't want to know if you got yourself a sexy Versace that I have been longing for...
I don't want to know if you just had an exotic wedding at Hawaii
I don't want to see those "troll" faces
I don't want to see or share super weepy pics about Love, break-up or anything
I don't want stupid game invitations
I don't want random friend requests
I don't want people poking me for no reason ( i really don't understand this poke funda...if someone does that in real life I would turn and slap...)

Ohh..btw FYI..
-.Your wishes do not get fulfilled if you share a super long status 10 times a week, God doesn't use Facebook you see...SO, go n pray...
- Neither is Facebook going to donate money to any patient of any kind around the world if you share or post some charity instead
- No missing kid is going to miraculously appear with you sharing a status...its the work of the police to find missing kids...some Missing's are totally fake
- No company gives you free bags, shoes,pizzas or holiday packages or any vouchers..
- Celebrity profiles are fake...welcome to reality
- People to Like their own pics and statuses look like the biggest wannabe's
- Guys if you are sending friend request seeing a girl's display picture then god save your soul..Something called as Photoshop does exist you know
- Your relationship status and you swooning over all our walls with your "madness" called love for your partner looks faker than ever..please restrict your ramblings to your bedroom itself....the world is seriously not interested (babu,shonu monu,coochikoo,jaanu....cheeeezzzzyyy)

Why am I daring to write this post now?
Coz I have successfully gotten over being addicted to Facebook..

That does not mean that I wont come back to being a insane Facebook citizen too .. [stop rolling your eyes]


  1. Believe me, deleting my FB account(permanently) was one of the best decision I've ever made :))

    1. i have made it permanent yet....maybe am still a rookie at accepting it...but feeling good after deactivating it

  2. Haahah... way to go DEE DEE :D
    And oh those FYI's make so much sense :D

    1. lol..those used to truly get on my nerves....

  3. Sad to hear that you deleted your account from FB Paa..but FYI..if u feel that you are missing ur FB friends then u can sign back in using ur username and password and your account would be active again..To a certain extent i feel that some people start getting too cozy on facebook and start posting even the color of their undies...However i personally feel facebook is a good tool to be social..kind of a stress buster..after all man is a social animal and in this busy world facebook helps to socialize ...toh meri maan aur facebook pe phir se aaja.. we are missin u paa

    1. awwww meshy...i miss u too..but you tell me how many people in your friendlist do you actually meet or have met for the last 1 years..
      Socialism is for people who bother to reciprocate and not just LIKE and COMMENT

      and people who care for you will surely be in touch come what arent we in touch...even when we havent met for a long time now

  4. Facebook deletion in typical Nautanki fashion if there ever was one :D.

    Now, that you are off FB - write more often here.

  5. Atrocious..
    I have a few things in mind...lets see....

    and hey im The nautanki n a lil mad too so its obvious for me to do things like this once in a while

  6. well, yes! I agree with you in most of the things you said. But to be frank, FB is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    and yes i'm not a facebook addict. but i like to check my profile once in a while. :)

    1. Hey Mani...Thanks for reading and commenting..

      I would really like to know why was fb the best thing that happened to you? met your gurlfirnd of facebook?

      coz after this i took a survey and inspired many people to deactivate their profiles too :P

  7. ......but i do miss u on gives me my daily dose of Optimism ! Come back Madame :)

    Love u my Nautanki-maharaani !

    1. Archu Rani..
      Will come back on fb to shamelessly advertise my blog :P
      FB addicition is bad re actaully

  8. ......but i do miss u on gives me my daily dose of Optimism ! Come back Madame :)

    Love u my Nautanki-maharaani !

  9. Thanks Archu,
    Will soon come back...but may not be active..
    i just came out of the addiction

  10. hahahahhaa.. tu sahi hai be :) :)
    There was a time when I used to check my fb profile once a day or maybe once in 2 days..Then it got super addictive.. I have tried to normalize it to once a day again.. weekends pe thoda zyaada hi hota hai fir bhi.. but..koshish ek aasha u see ;)
    As for pics..yaar picasa is damn slow, so fb helps once in a while you know - helps share with the larger friends circle.. But haan I agree ki extreme PDA pics ki fb pe koi zarurat nahi hai, strictly bedroom viewing k liye hona chahiye :P
    Baaki sab jhakaas babes.. See you soon on fb - hyperactive na socially active hi sahi..aaja yaar :)

    1. Maya madame..
      Will come back on fb soon babe...
      ek friend ne super senti long email bheja for coming back on fb...
      see you soon


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