Thursday, May 3, 2012

Height of Vellagiri

Aaj kuch toofani karte hai..aaj kuch chugiri karte hai
Lately, I have been very stressed due to personal and professional thingy...but that doesn't stop me from being my nautanki self...

I was always...What to do when you are bored and you wanna do something idiotic?

1. Wait for someone to sneeze..then right before the moment say "Pikaaaa"-achooooo
Trust me the look on the sneezers face is awesum

2. Look out for men peeing on the roadside...Quietly go behind them and say "Bhooo" and walk off as fast as possible
The men have a "What tha..." expression

3. When you see a Ticket Checker (TC)..Look down..try to avoid them...make sure they notice...and ask you for the ticket..make a face...pout..try to act like you are about to run and when they get stern..take out your Valid First Class pass and flash it to them..
They give a look that is sure to let you know that they wanna slap you real hard..

4.Stand in the middle of the road where you know you can create a traffic jam and pretend to frantically search something from you bag.... until there are lot many honk..turn back and give them this "WTF is wrong with you" look...and walk off
If you don't hear any swears on your can change my name to whatever you want

5. Stand in a strategic location in a busy road with a notebook and a pen...look up at the sky with a curious expression on your regular periods say "hmmmmm".... and note something
you can surely make heads turn

6. In a crowded bus, check some guy or an uncle out...bat an eyelid...give a coy flirty expression and say "Uncle what is the time"
That expression on the face is so hilarious....just cannot be explained..

7. Press all the buttons in an elevator when you get out..

8. Buy a packet of peanuts...Go to Bandstand...ana Aim-Launch-Throw behind any huge can be sure that some couple will magically emerge from behind the rock..

9.  Stand in a market and scream "Abbe Kutte"....
you will have atleast 10 faces looking at you or searching for the Kutte 

10. Call Pizza Hut and Ask for the number of Dominos Pizza

Note: All the above points of Vellagiri are tried and tested. Do them at you own risk. Any injury caused during the acts is not the blogger's responsibility.

Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte hai....


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. hahahahah.. good one.. have experienced a few... will try the rest,, at my own risk :P:P

  3. Unknown....Thanks for commenting and have fun..

    dont get hurt :D

  4. Sach me mar khilane ke sare funde hai

  5. Anonymous
    kabhi try kar..bahut majjja aata hai..

    but time pe bhaagna bhi seekh

  6. 7&8 seem doable for me.. But the rest only possible by gutsy people like urself.. Well written..

  7. hilarious and very true the last caution line is superb dee

  8. Good one PAA...would love to try a few

  9. I confirm that 6 of the above have been tried and tested by me.. I want to add one more (Again tried and tested by me):

    - Go to Deshmukh garden in Mulund (East) and go to the place where couples sit.. U r sure that they would be leaning against each other, or holding hand in hand etc.
    Go near them and sing the song "Pardesi Pardesi Jaana Nahi".. Again change my name if they don't swear you and tell you "Yahan main hi mila tha kya, CH*****"!!!!

  10. ManU4ever
    Awesome..will try this once...
    me being a girl may not we sweared upon...just Aye Oye Jaa Na yedi type things....n then couples murmuring giving me cold stares :P

    will let you know the outcome...

    1. You seem to be busy since this reply...still waiting to hear the outcome....the nautanki way ;-)!!

  11. Ganga Thanks for reading..

    it doesnt need guts dear...just sheer boredom gets you do nutty things

    keep reading

  12. Amol thanks for reading..

    rtry it sometime :D

  13. The Nautanki afterall

  14. Awesome tricks :P :D
    And yes, I use the first one very frequently and believe me, the expression of the person is awesomest :P :D
    And about the 8 and 9th point, will try someday for sure but can't take risk with the traffic thing. You see, the Delhi ppl.. :D :D

  15. lol keep reading BK... and try such nonsensical stuff sumtimes...its fun :P

  16. Full on vehlagiri.. but what fun :D

  17. Thanks for reading Confused..

    Try it sometime..its fun :P

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  19. I've so done 1,3,6,7,and 9.. hahah.. the others except for the last, I shall try soon :D

  20. milke kuch toofani karte hai..
    am sure there must be much more of such nautankiness to do

  21. tu tho full on maar khilane ke mood main hai yaar

  22. Krish bass kya..
    try to kar kabhi...

    tere liye ek aur suggestion..."accidentally" go into a Ladies Loo and say oops...wrong place :P

    waise bhi meine end mei disclaimer daala hai

  23. Great. Am gonna try some of these, soon!

  24. Awesome!!! Just hilarious :D By the way, point no. 1 & 8 really work :P

  25. 1) ask a traffic police guy for his helmet.
    2) go to a person walking alone and ask him to walk in line.
    3) go to a medical store and ask for liquor. lol :)

    1. ahhh...mah man..i like u already

      3. tried...
      2. good 1...will practise ny poker face look for that
      1. pandu's dismiss me for being chintu...

  26. I would love to try them all........for sure...:D Amazing nautanki...;)

  27. Thanks for reading buddy

    All the best ashish..tell me your expereince (if you dont end up with a blue eye or broken bones)

    If you do, please dont beat me :P

  28. As we say Bhaidaa... awesome.. ;)

  29. Thanks for the reading Ankit Thapar and thanks for the Rawaaas comment too


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