Friday, April 20, 2012


I read a survey somewhere, 1 glass of cutting chai in Mumbai has 57 taxes levied on it..Shocking isnt it?

The same day i received an sms

Dear God,
Please give me strength to pay my IT, GST, VAT, CST, Service Tax, Sales Tax, Luxury Tax, Entertainment Tax, Excise Duty, Customs, Octroi, TDS, ESI, Property Tax, Stamp Duty, CGT, IGBT, Water Tax, Profession Tax, Road Tax, STT, SEZ, Education Cess, Corporate Tax,Wealth Tax, TOT, Captial Gain Tax, Conjestion Levy etc etc....ohh and not to forget Hafta, Donation, Bribes, Chanda etc.
If i have some money left then I will do my business till it survives the riots, bandhs and vandalism by political goons
AN Indian

What does it show?

Service Class..the Aam Aadmi is the most screwed up thing in this country.

I being an employee of a MNC, I travel far hanging in trains, getting stuck in the rains..just like thousands of others, work my guts out all 30 days a month and get what? Price hike, recession, reservations...why?
Where does all my tax money go?

1000's of people hang in the crowded local trains, squeeze into crowded buses, go through dug up road, cut through heavy traffic, face power cuts at home....
then these shameless politicians come in their bullet proof cars that runs on the petrol money paid by us and their driver's salary, their house expenses, their wife's and girlfriends clothes, jewellery, their son's dope, daughter's wedding.. everything paid out of our hard earned top it all..the politician will ask "kharcha pani" to pass my "hakk ka paisa"

Walk in the market once, these dayz the cost of 1kg chicken equals to the cost of 1kg tomatoes..ohh seasonal fruits sell at premium rate..soon fruits like mangoes will be sold in a Gold jewellery shop..

Still our govt expects educated class to contribute for the "welfare" of our nation.
Why would a sane educated man slog his ass off over here when he can do the same out of this country and get paid three times more and live a luxurious life..
They say ours is a democratic country...I it really? no..
A person who speaks his mind gets beaten, killed, threatened, exiled...WTF

And we say  "Mera Bharat Maahan"...Sau mei ne 99 beimaan" (Read: Politicians)


  1. At this rate there would soon be a tax to breathe fresh air, tax to drive your own car on the road, tax to walk on the road and what not.

    Also did you know that an ex MP gets a monthly pension of 20K from the government. Imagine how many ex MP's there must be till date from 1947.

  2. i swear AS...

    n btw i dinno ant the Ex-Mp they still need money...i wish i cud raid their Swiss bank account...

  3. That SMS you got would have been composed by "AN Indian" who will do anything to unfairly avoid taxes, will cut lines, take a no entry road to shorten his ride, will put on helmets only if he sees a police and then blame everything on the politicians and bureaucrats.

  4. True that most of your complaints and misgivings are spot on. However, we all know taxes can't be abolished; only hope is a single tax system instead of multiple taxation of a single source of income. I'm getting a tax-deducted salary but I end up tipping the waiter out of "decency" in spite of the extraordinary service tax. And then there is the VAT, cat, rat and God only knows what.
    The introduction of GST was supposed to do away with this multi-level taxation but that, as always, will be delayed till either we forget or till the bill is diluted to be of no value to the aam aadmi.
    Welcome to India!

    PS: In spite of all of this, I would love to settle only Mumbai to be precise..the only place on earth I can call "home".

  5. This is never ending story it will go on and on, anna hazare striked againt corruption but nothing came into aam admee credit still we are struggling againt this price hike and other malpractises. Bottomline remove the corrupt politicans from our country and form our own govt

  6. You have hit the right place.. well nothing will change until the govt changes.. ppl say that but i feel whoever is going to rule us they will try to take as much money as possible from the aam aadmi.. until anti corruption bill is passed nothing can stop the politicians to take money..

  7. Ramanan

    AN Indian..however he is..whatever he does boils down to the money he earns..

    n that money goes out there to pay the politicians..and with the princes n taxes hiking day in and day you really think if an indian uses "unfair" practices to save money is wrong?

  8. Maya..we indians are too senti-mental about our obsession with India..and this is being exploited by our Govt...

    If incase we make a tehelka operation on big political goons then am sure the whole country can live without taxes for next 10 years atleast

  9. Jayesh..
    If we start removing corrupt politicians then our full system will be behind bars...

    Anna tried but was thrown everyone...

    Welcome to India

  10. Rani.,.

    which politician will pass the Anti Corruption bill and put a lock on their finances?

    Everything from a peon to a top lvel goon to our judiciary is corrupt..

    President is old enough to retire..PM is smart but a puppet...and people who rule are the most corrupt in this country...

  11. I doubt if 1 glass of cutting chai in Mumbai has 57 taxes levied on it..... can u send me the link of the Article??

  12. Very hilarious but yet quite impacting article. Love the way you have used the satire!!!!

  13. Gaurish I read it in some magazine in an office i had been to..i dont remember the same of the magazine

  14. Ruchita..thanks for reading and double thanks for the compliment :-D


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