Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Special-The Coffee Shop

She used to always scoff at people who said "Life brings surprises"...she always has had life giving her ugly shocks than sweet surprises..
She was a bubbly and pretty 25 year old who had a Post Graduate degree and a job she loved with a lot of friends and a great family, still a part of her was lonely and longing for being loved and cared for by that special someone..with couples floating around makes her more aware of her loneliness that she harbors in silence with a enchanting smile on her face..

He was a vivacious, sexy, 26 year old guy who has in a job he likes. A guy who hangs out with his friends when the sun goes down, an athlete with a toned body, a smile and attitude that women would die for..

First Encounter

She was sitting alone in a corner table of a coffee shop lost in her thoughts with a book in her hand and a Cafe Latte in front of her..when like a blast he entered and almost tripped her table...She hated him for disturbing her train of thoughts...while he looked at the "Plain Jane" with nothing attractive said a bland sorry and walked off...and gave each other occasional glances..

That night, He didn't know why he was feeling so guilty of tripping "The Plain Jane" in the coffee shop...maybe it was her big dancer eyes..maybe it was the shy smile that he noticed from far...may be it was her cool, cat-like composure..all he knew was that he wanted to see her again..He was absolutely smitten by her...

She was on her bed that night, and thinking about the brash man who almost tripped her coffee today...sheer arrogant maleness attracted her like a moth to the fire..but she reminded herself of being hurt one too many times by guys whom she loved with all her heart.

Meeting Point

After a few months...after initial longing to see each other....the moment still seeming fresh but distant...

Another fine day, He walked into the cafe and there she was, all radiant and bright, and seemed happy...He thought "Gosh, How much have I missed her!" He sat down at a table a few tables away from her, trying to drink the sight of her black lustrous mane, her slender body, beautifully manicured hands, those delicate fingers circling the coffee mug...His thoughts were instantly distracted when she turned to look at him and suddenly flashed a girlish grin......and time stopped for a while...

She had least expected to see him there that evening., she was too engrossed in her book that she did not see him coming the coffee shop..once she lifted her head off the book and saw him looking at her with awe in his eyes and she knew that she had instantly fallen for those soulful eyes...before she realized she actually blushed and smiled at him......and the world turned upside down for her

He wanted to talk to her..wanted to ask her out...hold her hand...but his body didn't seem to move...she didn't realize for how long had she been staring at him until the waiter brought her check and broke the magic between them.

She got up to leave..she turned to him...smiled one last time....and the light shone on her finger...something shiny...her engagement ring......
This unexplainable feeling...what was happening to him...never anything of this sort ever happened to him..why was his heart breaking...why did he have the knotted feeling in the stomach...why were those eyes haunting him...he wanted to stop her..but he knew now that he was losing this girl who made him fall in love for the first time ever...

On her way, she knew what she felt was wrong...she is destined to be someone else's...someone whom she doesn't love...someone who makes her feel so lonely...but she is not able to stop herself..she is so automatically attracted to the stranger...she knew in heart of hearts that this was the last time will she ever she the man whom she lost her heart to in an instant....

"There is nothing in the world so wonderful as to love and be loved; there is nothing so devastating as love lost.". - Kalil Gibran


  1. Replies
    1. lol shekar isnt my story..i aint engaged yet

      I forgot to mention a disclaimer saying: This story is imaginary and any resembelence to the same is purely coincidental

      thanks for the comment

  2. hai rabba... jalle pe namak na chidakk ladki... :P

    1. khud ki bhi same scene na Mona darling

  3. WOW...simply...WOW....btw yeh lines original hain ya copy paste hain :D

  4. dude original hai

    last line copied hai kalil gibran

  5. Nice story..shayad ye kahani kisi satya ghatna par aadharit ya...iska kisi vyakti se koi toh sambandh hai :P :P :P...btw tell me one that coffee shop CCD, Barista ya phir Costa Coffee??

    1. Its Starbucks...n ye ghatna kalpanic hai,koi bhi vyakti,jagah ya ghatna sirf coincidence hai

  6. Nice story. Compromises, how I wish people never had to compromise..

    For a life without any compromise.

  7. Replies
    1. I feel it is more of a decision. I wish to life my life without it. :)

  8. personal choice and perception after all...


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