Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Office Ofish


In my work place we got a few unique characters and their unique one of a kind dialogs that become so patent..the the moment it is said....for a second people are stunned..and next moment people are in splits..

I being the Commercial Admin have to meet everyone from the Housekeeping staff to security to engineers to top management...and I have my best time with the housekeeping, security and the engineers (unintentionally uncouth at times)

Level 5
In this level the dialogs are hilarious but they dont rank the top..

One of our officers who has a very screechy voice and cant say "jh"was "accused" of a wrong accounting and she got so frantic and started wailing "naaaaahhhiii ye sab chuuuuttttt (jhuttt) hai...maine aisa koooch nahi kiya"

Level 4
This is this engineer who was checking out a new receptionist...and accidentally blurted out "Savita bhabhi maal hai......" and his boss was passing by him giving him this "i-saw-her-too" look

Level 3
There is this woman who not many people are fond of coz she is too showy and bossy....

We get our evening teas to our day the office boy was late to get the tea and this female (AJ) was like
AJ: "Omi, tu chai banavto ke kada banavto...." (Omi, you making tea or sumthng else) and
Omis reply was
" Piyaycha aahe tar piya, majha doka satakla aahe, ha cha tumcha dokyavar taakun denaar" (drink if you want to, i have already lost my cool and i will put this tea on your head)

AJ was time on she never ever whined to Omi.

Level 2
My office boy and one of my security staff...both love to talk...and they have so so so many stories about their village...
My office boy swears a lot...and his favorite word is "Bhenc*** and Madar****"...In one sentence he will use these words trice..
His all time favorite dialog before starting a story  is "Arreee...shahab..Scene-shot suno na......"..His nick name "Scene-shot"

My security guy...a very shy, calm, 6 foot tall, muscular guy....whenever he is frustrated he has a unique swear word "tuchhh praani or zalil insaaan"

Both these words have become a rage at my work place...

Last but the best...this one takes the cake..

Level 1
We have a lady in our housekeeping staff..she was supposedly married very early and has 6 kids...she got into an argument with Scene-shot (office boy) once for something he said like "aap to bhuddhi ho gai, aap se ye kaam nahi ho sakta"(you are old you can do this sort of work)

For which she very confidently replied without even batting an eyelid..."aye Omi aisa mat bol...mei abhi bhi bacha paida kar sakti hu"(aye Omi, dun say that i can still bear kids)...All she wanted to say was am not old and I can still work well

Omi was stunned...we had this O shape expression on our face....This dialog is so famous that for anything and everything people have started using this....

How i love all this.....