Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nosy Sattelite

There is this woman I know for like forever now..I think she just loves to put me into awkward situations where I feel like an ostrich (feel like burying my head in the ground)..well lemme explain..

This super memory, super prying, bullying, "sattelite" aunty met me at a wedding..and out-of the-blue asks me..."Dee, you remember you fell in the gutter with the bicycle...ho ho ho that was sooooo funnyyyyyy" (something that happened when I was in my 8th std)....Childhood.....i was a crazy kid...doin crazy stuff then....that doesn't mean she embarrass me now

Crazy Situation 1:
Whenever I used to ride my cycle to my dance classes, i always felt like Valentino Rossi on his bike...I used to pretend to be a racer in my head...Once, on a rainy evening when I was returning usual I turned my bicycle like a drift-queen and..baaaannggg....directly put in on a woman..

I fell in the gutter...the woman fell on the road...cycle fell on my top it all..this woman beats me with the umbrella screaming abuses in Gujarati..

The mean aunty stands in the corner of the road and gives a vicious smile....

Crazy Situation 2:
I was in the 7th Std and my mom used to work in VT (Victoria Terminus) now CST (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus) and we were to meet at usual I was late and had to get a train..

In my station, there are 4 platforms
Platform 1 (thane side slow trains).
Platform 2 (vt side slow trains)
Platform 3 (thane side fast trains)
Platform 4 (thane side fast trains)...P.S Thane and VT are in opposite directions

I was in Platform 2...since the train was late....A Fast train on 4 to Vt and  a train to Thane on 3 came and the doors were adjacent...I ran into 3 jumped through it into the fast train to VT and went off "safely"..only to realize the thrashing i got from dad thanks to this nosy aunty complaining with added "masala" details..

Crazy Situation 3.
I have always had the fascinations to ride on a truck, or a tempo or a road-roller...Once when i was in my 1st engineering classes used to end late and i used to reach home by 11.30pm.

There was some road work goin on and a few road-rollers around...the road was deserted (so i thought)..i requested, pleaded and persuaded the road-roller uncle to give me a small ride on it and he agreeed seeing the pouting little girl...I was on the 9th cloud on that bulling machine...felt like the mighty warrior princess...then as soon as i got off it.....there were a few guys smoking in the dark n staring at me as if i have committed a heinous crime ....and of course my "guardian devil" aunty looking at me with steam venting off her ears...she dragged me to my place lecturing me on un-ladylike behavior all the way to parents feet....again added "masalas" to my dad......telling them hoe embarrassed "she" was to see me with a road worker (as if she caught m kissing him right on his lips)....and mini hell broke loose...

I dont on this earth does this "satellite"maami come to know that am upto something?

Nosey Mystery.........