Friday, July 1, 2011

Bus ek Pal

Commuting back and forth to my work place is like running around a minefield full of landmines about to blast on your face the moment your toe touches

Well...I get a snail bus to n fro for my work that is forever over-crowded, sandwiched tired and stinky travelers rubbing against one another and at least one person screaming obscenities and cribbing about anything and everything in and around the bus.

And everytime I have to run for the bus like blood hounds are after my life or jump in front of the bus like a suicide bomber and scare the bus driver until he starts hurling abuses at me. Somehow I manage to get into the nauseotic bus and look around for the faint hope of a seat..(luckily mumbai has something known as ladies seat..."Haakk se maango")...but soon I lose hopes...and get mentally ready to be punched,pushed and battered..

In the meanwhile, Someone moves a little and hopes for a seat go up again, just to realize this person was "adjusting" themselves..I hate such people..."umid deke lath marte hai"...Then I hate people who sleep in the buses too...Cant they jus see how the squashed standees feel? insensitive people...feel like beating them and saying "sone k liye baita hai kya"..

In case some miracle happens and I get a seat...I feel like India jus won the World Cup in 2011 type feeling...coz it is a rare occurrence..

I have to get up 20 mins before my stop to reach the door cutting through tall stinky armpits..thanks to my miniature stature...screaming at them...returning abuses..swearing loudly...and by the time i reach the door I look like someone right out of the "Mumbai Police 3rd degree torture room"

Then when my minority stop finally arrives..either I have to scream at the driver to stop or just jump off the bus...Hallelujah that Im still alive and in one piece...

But, even after so much of butchering, there are tired smiles and hopes that really make this city lively.... God Bless...
I love Mumbai