Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tying a "NOT"

Nothing happening..nothing much to talk about..but yet again as usual when am traveling my mind races faster than a jet plane.. Today I was thinking..

Like I am back on the "matrimony market" again..This is a market where all are "shopping" and all are "selling"...Damnn,..this really is a market where the whole family goes for "bride/groom" shopping..loaded with toilet paper long checklist of requirements to be fulfilled.
Here the salespersons are the parents and the products on sale are the kids (bride/groom)..and the sales people do everything to see to it that their product is sold to the right "customer" with a fairly "good price"....and here a good sales deal ends up with the barter of the kids to each sides of the parents a.k.a marriage..the deal closes ..Dukaaan banndd

So as a "back on the stall product", my parents are gearing back themselves with their marketing and shopping skills with eagle eyes now...

Shopping Spree 1: 
Ma n Pa were approached by a sales person,Distributing pamphlets (Read horoscopes/matrimony ad's et al) with the attributes of their specimen..
Sales people glances up to me...requests for a pamphlet..looks at me & sharply replies
Your product dusnt fit our super long check-list”......They just turned their back and walk away.

Ma n Pa move on to the subsequent stalls..but they din seem to be amused with the quality of products displayed in the market these dayz..and people who came shopping went away saying things like..
"too bold”, “injured” or“too old”...“Too exposed to the outside world”...“not really traditional as product not in a saree..
After a lot of initial scanning and pamphlet requirement match that the shoppers bother to see the "product" on sale...see their check list...go on ticking like
smiles-check, check and they turn away..
I mean like what do they expect their daughter in law to go ga-ga-ga in their house...ridiculous

There are this another set of self-proclaimed horoscope fans shoppers for whom the "pamphlet called horoscope" has to mandatorily match...

And an another better shoppers/sales people are willing to "sample" their product (girl-boy meet and talk)..who are cooler to deal with..

If God forbid all the criteria seem to match and both the parties are satisfied with their deals..the contract sign" (read: wedding ceremony) takes place...and there is major BBC headline merger of companies that happen...

I wish we had an option to "try" the product we like else "alter" it to our requirements...

Hallelujah to my wild imagination!!!!