Thursday, December 1, 2011


I leave for work by about 8.30 in the morning...I happen to see him on the road lazing almost every day...He does look at me but never moved a muscle...I avoided crossing his path as far as possible...He has a kind of scary, shabby look to him..

Until that day, I was passing by him like everyday but today he moved, he looked at me straight in the eye... I started walking as fast as possible but my eyes were riveted back to to him....just to see him right on my heels...matching his steps with mine..

My heart was goin all thud thud thud...I wanted to run as fast as possible..I could but my feet didn't  seem to move faster than it was...maybe it was fear...fear of him...fear of the look on his face...

I tired a lot to concentrate on the road but knowing that he was right behind me was scaring me to death...In a few moments...he was almost so close that I felt him trying to pull my dupatta.....I gave the loudest scream possible....the shout for help, the shout out of fear..

My scream instigated him much so that..he cornered me in the nearest parked car and started barking all around me.... 

That stupid brown dog

Guys, dont beat me for this...Dogs really scare the living daylights out of me...I freeze when they are around or tug whoever is walking with me or I cross the road or do anything possible to get away from them...they are just plain scary...


  1. :D Never ever run when a dog gives chase just turn back and stare into his eyes, that's all there is to it.

    Easier said than done, right?

  2. yaaa rightt.....

    if i do this..i would freeze and die that instant...

  3. Lol.. I agree, am shi* scared of dogs.. I try and act as if all is well and calm but...... well.. Koi na..
    but whatever it is u do, for God's sake don't run from a dog..ever! It's the most dangerous thing next to physically assaulting it...

  4. heheh.. will not beat you or hate you for this. its natural to be not fond of dogs and be intimidated by them. i might be a great dog lover today, but i used to be scared of them too. so i know how it feels on the other side of the fence. Just that, this is a phobia that dogs sense. and the worst mistake you could do, is look at the dog eye-to-eye. the moment you do that, the dog thinks that you are calling him for a fight.

    try this. dont look at the dog at all. while walking... just drop a biscuit, as if you did so by mistake. eventually the same dog that you were scared of will become friendly to you.

  5. Welll Paa I agree with wat Harrish said..dogs are real friendly n loving if u make friends with them, more expressive than any other animal..m a dog lover myself...try loving those creatures n u will have great friends for life...a human can betray but a dog won't ever

  6. aaiyoo..... oru nai paathu bhayaama? athum chori patti as they say in malayalam....just try not getting over preoccupied with the dog.....we attract those that we get preoccupied with....seen tamil film Tenali - Kamal is bhayandhanguli... say prayers: shasti kavacham, hanuman chalisa...if nothing works...oru nai vangu...u'll get used to it...adhukku aapram...u will love nais...we cud compose a kolaveri da for the dog....LOL. (take it lightly deepa)

  7. Krishnan GopalakrishnanDecember 2, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    Well said sir..! hehe.. ;)

  8. Hehe.....I agree.....actually ...this reminds me of kshitij:P:P

  9. I so Agree wid yu...lyk seriously! i cross d road wen i see him or his gang members..or i wud wait fr any damn stranger person 2 help me pass them....
    And dis ones hilarious- i was admtted once in hosp juz b'cos dat stalker ran behind me fr a min:p

  10. grrrrr.............

  11. HUH?

    no what, HUH?!

    and you ran? REALLY now! what happened after u screamed btw?

  12. it started barking....n trying to jump on me...n i was so shit scared...almost on the verge of fainting

  13. maya totally agree

    what if the dog looks ferocious haru....

    Mesh humar break hearts....its ok..i can mend my heart....who damnn will take those injections n rabies

  14. Great post .. and nautanki!

    A stray dog bit me during school days; I had to take the rabies injections.

    But since then I've done the same thing Atrocious Scribblings has suggested - and it has worked every single time. The dog just backs off after 2-3 seconds.

  15. hahah Alok....i really wanna try that...but dogs still scare me to death


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