Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Some people are blessed with life full of insane excitements....I sure am 1 of them...

I think when God was distributing craziness I would have been in the first 10 to receive it and when God was distributing brains I would have been in last 10 (bacha kucha idhar udhar ka rejected maal daal diya)...

Well...this is this really funny thing happened with me a few weeks back (though at that time it wasnt funny at was serious business *serious face*)

I had a flight from somewhere to Mumbai and this flight had a stopover at Chennai and from there had to take a next flight to Mumbai...

I had a late night 2am at here my flight was this little airbus with just hardly 20 odd nocturnal passengers and we reached Chennai...."Welcome to Chennai International Airport (Anna terminal)"..."Please collect your luggage from Conveyor number 1 and transit passengers please collect you luggage and proceed to the Kamraj terminal. Thank you"

I always love conveyor belts..i dunno why..from the time I was a kid I always wanted to sit on it and go around once...welll...some wishes don't change over the years.....

Ok..back to "Anna Terminal in Chennai International Airport"...we were waiting at the luggage pick-up belt for a long time...almost 20 minutes and at 2am with only a handful of people and the belt not moving an inch was frustrating everyone....we had 3 chinese people with us (to be specific "chinese looking" men)...they looked around for a few mintues and then quietly one of them crawled in the conveyor opening..and after a few minutes emerged with 3 bags and calmly walked off...

This got me so excited that I wanted to whistle and scream Yipppeeee.....and ohhh yess..I followed their suit and  crawled on the stationary belt and got my two small bags out and came out grinning ear to ear...

Every other passenger did they same under the "watchful eyes" of the Airport security..cussing and cursing the airline...
I would love to do this again...and this time i would walk on the whole length of the conveyor belt and crawl in through the other end :P

Chennai Airport ku Whistle Podu


  1. This one was a howler, a true howler if there ever was one. I swear *pinch throat and says Mother Promise* I fell off my chair laughing.

    Craziness comes naturally to us doesn't it? We hate to admit it but it makes us do things which we would never imagine doing in our wildest dreams.

    Hilarious to the core.

    Cheers :)

  2. hahahahaha.....LMAO...super hilarious....this is like ohh my god...i cant control..i could actually imagine the whole thing..


  3. Thanks people like us are very almost extinct...
    these days there are more saner people coming ojut of the just keeping the tradition alive...trying to keep the tradition alive...

    live crazy be happy

  4. the first thing dat came to my mind is the scene from Friends with benefits in which Mila Kunis too wals on conveyor belt to get his bags

    Hilarious one but dee

  5. heheheh yea amol..but the live experience was kinda thrilling

  6. Are you like serious? loved it ya

  7. Thanks anonymous
    well very very serius :P

  8. seriously???
    :P ;)

  9. i also love the conveynor belt n wanna ride on it tooooooooooooo

  10. Loved it....funny it is

  11. The Belt should have started wen you crawled inside....maza aata... :P

  12. I LOOOVE convener belts too!! I even tried sitting on the long wala treadmills in my gym and asked someone to turn it on :P But then the trainer walked in and I stood up and started walking mid-way.
    Party-pooper, I tell you!

    // I would love to do this again...and this time i would walk on the whole length of the conveyor belt and crawl in through the other end :P

    Haila! Total fun only this sounds! There should be a conveyor belt (not escalator!) to transport people in airports!!!
    How lazy do I sound? :P

  13. :D
    *I even tried sitting on the long wala treadmills in my gym and asked someone to turn it on* will try this once...

    and babe you dun sound lazy at all....coz if you are then am in your league...i wud lie on that conveyor that transports people :D


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