Friday, April 15, 2011

Back in Time....When I was a kid

Last eve, when I was coming back from work..I saw lot many kids in my building playing..exams over..tension free...enjoying vacations..just then I realized..these kids hardly play all the fun games that we used to play in our school time ("our school time" sounds like I'm from some dinosaur age)..but that is that..(I'm old enough to not have school vacations anymore)

We had such beautiful childhood, now even getting up at 10 am on a holiday seems like "too early"... back then...we friends used to get up at 6 am during the holidays...take our bi-cycles to the to the top to the temple and come back...
Have our breakfasts and run back to play...come back for lunch n play at home..around 5 pm something back to play down..till dinner...then eat our dinners as fast as possible and lastly come down back to play badminton..

I remember the Re.1 pepsi-colas..n watermelons every afternoon...

We had so so so many games then..Aatli baatli Futli, Chupa-Chupi, Pakda-Pakdi, Building pakda-Pakdi, sakli, Lagori, Cutting the Cake, Chippy, Bombay Statue, Dabba Spies, Relay, Land or water, Color-color, fire in the mountain,Langdi, Kho-kho, Dodge-ball, Abadubi...Gawdd..I wanna relive my kiddie dayyzzz..

In the noons at home, it was ghar-ghar, scrabble, ludo, snake n ladders,business,name place animal thing,ex-zero,T game,..

Kids these days...stick to computers..facebook..n stuff like that..all the fun is gone....How bad is that??? they are missing all the fun

I want my kiddy days back....


  1. Krishnan GopalkrishnanApril 15, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    Super like!.... Unforgettable memories.... many more names that can be added to that list of games.... true, all that almost 'extinct' now!

  2. quite true....they are missing a lot many things well that generation next

  3. OMg so so nostalgic that Saurabh bldg s dee... seeeriously... i jus go back in time wen i see kids running arnd the bldg ... everythg we did n played flashes in front of my eyes.... n i feel like a third person watching my childhood days... .. That Saurabh truly has some strange memories..!!!!

  4. Love the list of games ... lol.. truly wonder the kids thse days hv so stuck up their asses on the computer seats.. not even budging an inch to strain their muscles...

  5. Nostalgic..after reading the long list of games i was surprised...we played soo many games..:).. well written deepa..and thanks for taking us back to those days..:)

  6. we also used to play cards the normal playing cards and particularly a game called is the best card game i have ever played..better than rummy! does anyone else know about this game?

  7. Sini thise were the bestest days of our lives...running around climbing trees,falling down,hurting ourselves,those nostalgia envelops me even thinkin abt all that..

  8. The problem is we realise the goodness of the moment only when we have passed it

  9. A kids life in sub urban is more fun. your post brought the nostalgic feelings of my days spent in typical village , climbing trees and diving into river from bridge and all local games on muddy streets, then semi urban games. I some time thank myself for not having a city kid's life. I learnt the 7 stones game only in bombay during one summer vacation there

  10. I agree with you Deepa... Its something I have ben telling myself many a times when I see kids now.... We really had beautiful days and parks and places where we could hang out together. But so many game names you have got there in the list. Many are unknown to me. I wish I know how to play them .. :)


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