Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Up Up In the Air

I have been flying like very frequently for my work, generally my flights are booked in those uneartlynocturnal hours or booked so late that all you can see is darkness n little lights around...In all thses flights am either sleepy or I shove my headphones and go into the thinking mode for my next "statergies" of work (All my travels are 99% work related..that too short not more than 1 day trip).
But today, for once I got my flight booked in a human hour when the sun is smiling bright, people are fresh et al...

Till now in my like 2 years and 25 odd flights I have never really bothered to look at the runway or other flights or anything around (Though I specifically request for a window seat)...This time I didn't have my headphones, thanks to my new phone that I didn't really know to use so I was actually staring out of my window when I saw this "Whooossssshhhh....eeeeennnnkkk...." landing of another flight..I have this facination for aircrafts..military or otherwise..This landing got my eyes go all wide..(I felt like a little kid in front of its favourite hero)..

Well..then soon my flight got taxing the runway slowly then "dud ..dud...dud..dud" it speeded up...and up in the air in a few moment..this got me so exicitied that I had to litereally control screaming "whoopieee"..
Mumbai...looking like a neatly stacked little blocks packed together and a lot of concrete jungle getting smaller and smaller and rods running parallel...waterways snaking a curve to its way to the arabian sea...and the vast blue strech of arabian sea n front at 971 km/hr and 9000 meters above...It was a lovely sunny day and slowly the flight went above to kiss the clouds and low enough to keep it feet to the ground...flying on Gujarat surface slowly the visible transition of the land was visible from plush greenery of maharashtra to semi greenery od gujarat to the sands racing over rajishtan land full of desert..the scene looked like a minimised Google Maps..jus real and so very colourful and enchating...
Few unexpcted phoogenic, mindblowing views passed by...I jus could not figure out of what it was...it stood out in a diferent colour (it could be somewhere in between Ajmer and Udaipur)..totally out of this world..
Then the flight slowly moved to reach the captial... But, it was hovering in circles..Why?...Who knows?..
full circle hen it moved around Karnal to Meerut..then I was like "Yaar..niche utarega ya petrol haave mei hi waste Karega"..

After a good 43 minutes Mr. Pilot brought the Live Google maps to land at delhi...

But I must say I love take offs more than landings...I like my head in the sir and feet firmly planted on the ground...

There my work starts...Good-Bye...and now I will notice things in every flight...


  1. Actually it was a simple blog entry but very thought provoking! Yes, most of are busy in our own worlds but yeah, like how you did, most of us need to take some time out and appreciate the small little beautiful things around us! :)

  2. @sandy ur right..small things bring more happiness than big tings in life

  3. nice post...sweet and relaxing to read

  4. "Yaar..niche utarega ya petrol haave mei hi waste Karega"..
    Good sense of humor girl...kudos

  5. I loved this post and related a lot how i feel when i fly. Some how , i love train journeys than the flights. While i was working in india, i longed to fly on business rather train journeys and when i end up only flying , i miss those train journeys. two days train journey from south to capital or vizhak or mumbai or karnataka or andhra are wonderful. Those days gave me so much of time " my time" to think and write. any way this post made me relate to it.


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