Friday, December 17, 2010

I am The Rebel

I wrote this on an evening when I was totally out of my mind and I wanted to scream my lungs out...But I sat silently for hours thinking...and words just came by...Fingers just moved on the keypad...and this poem was born

Going against society.
Breaking the rules

But why I do it,
I don't know why,
But I don’t care.

They call me a freak;
Laughing at me
From behind their masked faces.
Telling me that what i should do,
Be just like them.
Telling me that I Should not be me.

I cant be you, I am Me
I am the rebel;
Simply acting as I feel.
Saying What I want
Not changing myself
For others...for you or for anyone
I Silently laugh on their backs
Because they dunno Who I really am

I am a rebel...
I always have been...
Never truly showing
Just who I am.
I am The Rebel

Friday, December 3, 2010

SS: The Last Salute to Love


This story has been on my mind since the time I met  Major.X  2 years back and he had told me his war stories.
I just could find the appropriate words to put it and give it a proper end


His Satellite phone beeped beside him in a very hoarse manner “eeennk aaannkkk…Zooeee…Head to North….I repeat Head to North…Over and Out

Little did the person on the other end know that 26 year old Zoleam was shot and was lying alone on the pool of blood on white snow..

Trapped in the middle of a heavy warzone..waiting for help..Seeing his best buddies being shot..Seemed like he lived a nightmare in 2 weeks..

Jus as he closed his eyes memories flashed by…3 months back

He was there with her…on his the Central Park with a ring in his hand

Now lying here..with snow falling on his face..all he wanted to do was to tell her what she meant to him..very slowly he tried to say the words "I don't know why I am saying this now here when I know you are miles away from way safely tucked into your bed… this because I really hope that these words  never gets to you, because if it does that means I am dead. It also means I never had time to show you just how much I really did love you."

Zoe went on to recall their first kiss and how every night in the war period he had touched the photograph of her on his headboard "so you could look over me as I slept".He used to tease her picture

He went on: "Well, now it is my turn to look over you as you sleep and keep you safe in your dreams. . .So, whenever you feel lonely, just close your eyes and I'll be there right by your side. I really did love you with all I had. You were everything to me. Never forget that and never forget I will always be looking over you. I love you, you are my soul mate."

After the death of his parents when he was jus 5 years old…She was the only person whom he really loved and care about.

Now when the moment has come for him to go, he slowly looks at the slow day breaking…He salutes the 1st rays of sun falling on his face…faintly smiles and closes his eyes to eternity.