Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stages of Matchmaking

Marriage..This is the topic that is the "most talked about" in  my house..for that matter where eva I go..

This marriage ga-ga started about a more than 2 years back..Well...Im goin for an arranged marriage coz am way too lazy to hunt a guy for myself..
Initially there was a lot of exicitment bout this marriage thingy..Jus like the typical process...

Step 1. Registering in Matrimonial Websites---Putting up an impressive profile with unwanted details---putting up decent fotos NOTE; 1 foto  in saree is a must----the after some days pappa gets an email

" we like your daughter profile and would like to get in touch with you "

I did get many..mostly from either some 33+ frustrated uncles or some muchhad who looks like the villain of a Tamil movie...I dun remember any cute guy approaching (like a said cute guys dun exist anymore)...

Step 2. This happened after 6 months of internet prospects tend to give "not-so-satisfactory" (read:pathetic) responses
Put up the "horror-scope" on local community books---advertise the "girl" by word of mouth---by now all the relatives are searching for a "perfect match" you,...

Step 3. This happens after almost a year and after boring responses...
Parents go frantic---friends get hitched--parents go more frantic (especially mommies)--friends start advicing---the girl is being"advertised" at every function..shadi,pooja et al ..damnn for that mater even a funeral--suddenly all mama's and mami's for that matter all and sundry start the groom hunt for you and and everyone around you is talking about your marriage whicheva direction you turn someone springs up sayin

ahh this is the girl i was talking about...then the girl is asked some typical questions...how ru? what do u do? where do u work? what do u parents do? etc etc....

so you are next... (with a wicked look ..of course)

Few common thing in all the proceses is that
*where ever the "girl" goes she has to be "dressed up" like a "temple cow" ...Has to act grown up and demure..has to talk softly and ladylike...has to eat like a sparrow...sheessshhhh

*The "horror-scope" matching and the stars n moon n mangal n what nots have to be perfect.

*Everyone around you keeps asking so when do u plan to get married?

and you get so fed up of all this that...u end up writing this sort of a crap