Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where are the Good Men Gone?

--> As you can see by the title of this entry, I'm feeling frustrated with men recently.  Or should I say lack of men as in lack of good men and having my feelings reinforced of there being few and far between of the good kind of men I hope to find.
Yeah, I'm happily single, but I have my times where I wish I could have a decent prospect in the dating scene.  I have my times where I would like to find a decent, good man to be with and it seems to be getting harder to find him lately.

Okay so this recent bout of frustration with men and all was brought on because I wanted to break free and go out in the rains, to the beaches in the company of a nice man but jus could not find any single good looking man..sheesshhh.,,Of course, I've been somewhat disgusted with the lack of ambition and looks among most guys I've talked with or know for quite some time now though..

It's just that I'm about 25ish - , I know and I'm looking for something more substantial and concrete in a guy that's worthwhile.  I'm looking for a guy who's secure in many ways about themselves and their lives and who take care of me.  Handsome, humorous and head ova heels in love wimme  (:P) …I'm also more picky about some things with guys than others, but that is my choice.  N ma mommy says that I will never find this prince of mine..n sometimes I reflect the same feelings….

Damnn it..All the good looking elegible bachelors are totally vanished…and all the remaining men are so not ma choice…

These days the only good looking males are the kids who are far too younger to me to even date..forget a serious relationship….
All good men whom I eye on, are either married, engaged, younger to me, not-so-interested in me ,gays or jus plain jerks..

God, has jus stopped manufacturing guys around 25 years back….for a temporary phase of course…as I said..there are still many good-looking kids around

It seems that the good men are becoming few and far between nowadays so I've just been having one of my frustrating times with that – blah de blah  (:P)

God Bless Me----Amen