Thursday, June 17, 2010


Just wanted to share a hot-dark-sweet-experience with you here.

I was feeling like sick so I took 2 days off. n I was lazing around the house glancing from page to page of an old recipe book. There was this "ulta pulta" cake recipe that sounded good to me and easy too...
So, I set my Mission Cake. And thought that I will impress my ma pa n ma bro tonight with my special dish. (This was the first time that I was ever making a cake)

Very meticulously I went through the minutest details of the recipe...mixed all the yummy ingredients. The cream. The chocolate bits, nuts. n all nice stuff...covered the cake well. Put it in the oven.
Instead of the "Bake" button I accidentally pushed the "Grill" button and as said punched the temperature to 280 degrees...According to the book the cake was supposed to be ready in 45mins...but precisely after 20mins I cud feel something spluttering in ma kitchen was stinking. I went frantic and switched the power off n opened the oven door n a gush of smoke came out...I was like freaked out.
After the smoke went off. I peeped in the oven to see a charred coal black, chipped, stinky thing that was supposed to be ma tasty was now looking like some sort of a landmine blown out nowhere.
With all my might I put on the gloves to take ma "landmine cake" and just like the name suggested the "ulta pulta" cake overturned from ma wobbly hands and fell on ma kitchen floor on its face and all the cream and the semi-solid parts in the charred outside went "Splatttttttt" on ma floor.
If that was not enough...I like a nice girl went to clean it...and slipped on the cake mixture. And the broom went flying in the air. Hitting the water bottle and toppling it over my head and the dirtying the whole kitchen...

Nice way to spend ma "rest" day huh.
I have sworn to myself that Neva Neva Neva Eva in my life am I ever going to make a cake again....