Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Train Journey

Dear Diary

I being an army man have told you so many stories about wars..blood...loneliness etc..But today what I am gonna write in you is something very different..something very close to my heart..
I got my 7th posting from Nashik to Bangalore...I had to get a train from Mumbai..I dreaded the traveling alone..I got into the train and settled in ma seat...

Then in 5mins She came in with her first i didn't look at her..i was too busy tying my shoe laces..then when i looked up..i saw her in simple faded jeans and blue t-shirt..putting up her bags and talking to her parents in Tamil...her medium length hair tied loose and the stray strands falling on her shoulders...nothing sexy..nothing appealing..but there was something about this girl that i jus could not take my eyes off her..

Her seat was bag opposite to mine and incidentally her papa was sitting next to me..i was trying to catch a glimpse of her at every given chance..but she didnt seem to even look at me..
She was very jovial,friendly,helpful,smart and yet very made her so very desirable to me..she had the loveliest eyes i have ever seen in ma life..

There have been so many women in and out of my life..but none so very charming and innocent like her..there wasn't an ounce of lust in me for her..
Soon the night had set it..people got ready for a good sleep..the lights went out..but i jus couldn't sleep then..all is could think of were those pretty eyes sleeping  in the next bed 1 feet away from me..I tilted my head to look at her..and there she was sleeping like an angel under the sheets..a small slight smile lingering her lips..i din realize for how long i was staring at her..All i wanted to do then ws to look at her forever..then she stirred a bit and i turned back..i still could not was almost 4am..i thought i was the only one awake..i turned back again to look at her..but she was gone..I waited for full 10minutes and got impatient..i got up and saw her father sleeping..the compartment was silent..Where was she?

I went out..and saw her standing on the door with her hair flying in the air..she looked as if she was far away thinking..when she realized i was standing there,she turned back and faintly smiled at me..then she passed by me and her perfume made me feel her presence around me..i stood at the door where she was standing a few minutes ago thinking about her and seeing the beautiful day the time i realized it was bright and sunny..All the passengers were up by then and she came back to her chirpy mode..
I so tried to distract myself by vaguely staring at my laptop..but my thoughts were going back to her again..As the train went closer to Bangalore my heart went sinking..I din want her to go the clock seem to tick faster than the time-bomb.

We reached Bangalore...both of us got down at Bangalore cantonment..This was the last time I ever saw her..
I could have taken a picture of her..its now etched deep in my heart forever.

hey Diary..I think I am in love with a person whom I can never find again

-Captain Rajveer S