Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pehchan Kon?

Am very very sure the scene am gonna narrate would have happened to everyone atleast once in their lives..

Yesterday, I was walking through the crowded market with 2 heavy bags full of vegetables, flowers et al..and outta the blue this
Aunty springs up and says "Hi Beta, pechana?" and I was like "Huh?"...

I had this total blank expression carved on my face...I so didn't have a clue of who she was..and she offered "Arre, beta, dunt u remember i had come to see you in the hospital when you were born? your mom knows me very well...god, you have grown so big and beautiful"

Okaaaayyyy...Now what did she expect me to remember that she had seen me when i wasn't more than 50 cms long....sheeeessssshhhhhhh...ridiculous..

All i did was smile and say "haaannn...yeaaa...okaaayyyy...ohhh....i understand...aahhh mumma's frnd ok aunty"

I jus can imagine...Couple standing the reception stage with hot flash lights above flashing in every 3 seconds..and the fake smile that they have to portray..on top of it the heavy made up face to carry on...Poorrr things...

5th degree top it all they are being introduced to people half of whom they would have know idea about the moment they leave the stage...whadda shame?

For people like me who have memories that dunt last more than a microsecond..for them remembering names and faces become a herculean task.

I pray Next time anyone comes to me and says "remember me?" am jus gonna stand there stare at them like i have an amnesia attack and bluntly say "well...No..Who are u?"....Wudnt that be awesum....hahaha

Just Imagine..Peychaaaannnn kon?



  1. Gopalkrishnan KrishnanSeptember 24, 2010 at 5:45 PM

    i learnt from aunty asked "teriyum lya"
    i said "illai...aaru neengal" ...i saw the expression on her face and decided to be more diplomatic in answering such cases

  2. poor aunty, she mite felt so hpy to see u, n u useless!!! u can politely ask them sry i dnt remember u
    hope ur microscnd memory or amnesia attk dnt make u forget us :(

  3. ha ha ha ha. you have a very good skill of writing. i enjoy your narration. you have the talent to share your light hearted moments ( also heavy feelings) in a light way to readers. you have a writer in you.


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