Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sholay Revamped

This weird thought cropped up in my head early in the morning when i was kidding around with dad..
what if we have a Sholay type scenario in playschool..say Jr.Kg

Our Hero-Veeru Veeru's best friend-Jai (Same building,Same school bus)
Our Heroine-Vasanti oppps Basanti (Veeru and Jai's Classmate)Our mausiji-Vasanti's best friend Prerna (Fat Jr.Kg Classmate)Our Gabbar-Bosco (Sr.Kg Kid)

Our Rocking Toy Horse in Jr.Kg Class-Dhanno

Scene 1:
Veeru meets Basanti

1st day in school...Naughty Veeru enters the class...sees Vasanti wooopps.. Basanti on a toy rocking horse a.k.a Dhanno at the end of the class..

Veeru: Jai, Is ghodi pe dil aagaya...
Vasanti: meleko kyu dekh raha hai? Yuki meleo meli mummy Vachanti boliti hai..mele na book ka label bhi bhi Vachanti hai
Veeru: Tumhara naam kya hai..
Jai: Tumala naam kya hai bachanti..
Veeru: badi pyari ghodi hai
Jai: Bahut saari ghodiya hai...
Veeru smiles...

Scene ends

Scene 2:
Veeru on the tank scene
Our Jr.Kg Veeru on the top of stack of benches with a Pikachu water bottle in his hand..

Veeru: jo Bachanti hai na pink frock wali..isko meine aaja ek eclair diya tha....par iski vo khadus Prerna, vo eclair kha I udi maring...

Class-kids: Nahi veeru udi mat maar..pleezzzzz..Sab bottle ka pani gir jayegaa

Veeru: When I udi maring..pappa comin..pappa coming..teacher taking prerna to princi room prerna crying and crying and crying

Kids to Prerna: jaldi bol de tune eclair nahi khaya..Princi room very danger..haahh sachi mei
Prerna: *frightened* Veeru meine eclair nahi khaya..Mother promise...niche aa jaa pleezzz...
Veeru: Abbee jaa jhooti..meine dekha tha...muje to meri bachanti se sunna hai..k tune nahi khaya
Bachanti: Veeru neechu aa... I give u eclair...come no..down..we play chupa-chupi

Veeru: Classwalo...Bachanti givin muje eclair..jumpna cancel..

Teacher enters, Veeru falls... aailaa mei gir gaya..bachao...

Scene ends

Scene 3:
Gabbar to Kalia scene
Our villan Bosco to his mates

Bosco: Kitne bachhe the
Kalu: 2 sarkar..dono same building..and same bus bhi..

Bosco: Vo Jr.Kg aur tum Sr.Kg..fir bhi laut aaye khali hath..kya socha Bosco bhuka rehga
Kalu: aapka mera tiffin khalo sarkar
Bosco: Bosco tiffin khaing...teeno bhuka rehing..bahut nainsafi pehle tiffin leke ayega...dekhte hai aaj bosco kiska tiffin kahyega....Mummy Papa K Bachhon...jaao id bench pe chado

All three start climbing and crying....Bosco starts laffing loud..All the other Sr.Kg kids start lafing too..
Bosco tries to push 1 kid..but kid doesnt fall.."Bach gaya mota"
Bosco tries to push 2nd kid "ye bhi bach gaya"
Boso to kalu: "Mummy ne kya bola kalu"
Kalu: "meine aapka kellogs khaya sarkar..."
Bosco: "hmmm...ab dhakkha kha.."

Bosco and all other kids start laffing...

Bosco runs and pushes the 3 kids off the bench
"Jo Darr gaya samjo gir gaya"

Scene ends

Scene 3:
Gabbar kidnaps Basanti and Veeru is tied up
Bosco finds Veeru in the recess...and pulls him outta the class

Vasanti oops Basanti sees this and comes out too...

Bosco to Basanti: "Tu class dance mei meri partner hai na...chal nach ke dikha chamiya"
Veeru: "Bachanti, in bowbow's k samne mat nachna..especially is doberman k sath tobilkul nahi bachnti"
Bosco: " Jab tak hum partners rahenge tab tak tu nachegi....partnership veeru gaya"
Bachanti: "iiyaaaaooooo..muje doggies se darrr lagta hai...veeelu...dobelman kidal hai....mummaaa...."

Veeru sighs..Bosco sighs...n moves away

Veeru and Bosco become friends and finish school happily ever after...

Scene ends

Dumb na.....hahaha


  1. Lol!!

    Last 2 lines.. were killer.. :D

    Good imagination, Deepa!

  2. Thakur kahan hai ?

  3. lol....u shud be doing some skit shows for our annual day...which the kids can enact at kalidas hehe

  4. was fun, hilarious and total cool..i loved it

  5. this is really cute......

  6. hahahaha..this is jus too good.....rocking imagination honey....its really cute....

  7. Deepa, I am sorry I can't comment on this as I am not very good in Hindi. I was in Bengal and came here only in 1996. I stayed in the school campus and never really learned Hindi. However, I feel that you will be a good spoof writer. Keep going and hope to read more. I won't be in a position to comment but I could enjoy it with my limited knowledge of Hindi. If you write in English then I surely will comment but don't let this deter you from honning your natural talent.

  8. I love this.....i could like just picture the whole thing is just way too cute...

  9. hahahah...crzy post

  10. too good..this is awesome

  11. what an awesome imagination,applause

  12. Take a BOw Take a Bow... :P

  13. struggled to read hindi english but it was funny and i enjoyed.


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