Thursday, January 14, 2010

Silver Jubliee Blues

Hi All

Am writing here coz am scared..period

I am like 1 week away from my Birthday..generally I'm like super excited almost a month before my birthday itself..i love my birthdays..I announce it to everyone..but this year is kinda different..this birthday is scaring the hell outta me.. this birthday am gonna turn 25..its gonna me my silver jubilee birthday and the number 25 makes me feel real already getting jitters...I wanna run off and hide under ma bed...or mebbe jus turn back time if possible stop it for a while...
I am gonna be a woman...not a girl anymore..I will supposedly be an adult..and will have to behave more mature...This thing is scaring me to death
Im confident..I speak to the clients as if i have a Googled info of my company products...I travel like a hippy..I manage ma accounts..Shitt..I mus be really old to do all this all by maself...
Ohh I will have the "Quarter-Life crisis"...
I have wasted ma 24 years doing nothng constructive..I do not have a own house..or a car..I have a bank balance that sucks..My job pays me peanuts...I am not married...My life is gone..Am screwed...
I will have wrinkles...the kids will start calling me "Aunty"...I will have no sense of the new trends...
I can sense the changes already..the people who used to all me baby have started sayin either madam or they wil start calling me bhabhiji or worse auntyji....nooooo..nahiiii...bachaooooo
I worry about bills...EMI's..insurances..taxes...I'm doomed

I wanna get back to school preferably or mebbe a play school
Me thinks me gonna have a serious nervous breakdown..

Yelllppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone helppp me.....

Shit scared...trembling-------Old Me ( Btw Y am i smiling...)..Guess its a part n Parcel of 25..(not to know when to potray what kinda emotion)


  1. Well. All the best coping with that :).. No one shall be spared of the QLC. It's only how long it lasts that differs :)

  2. You've been an adult for 7 years ! (Or more, depending on when you felt grown up)...or you don't have to feel grown up ever ! Enjoy the years, enjoy life and dont' worry about wrinkles.. !

  3. Welcome to the Big Girls Brigade dear

  4. i grew up making me feel i am adult by 18. and 21 fully a man to be matured and do things like a matured man . may be i also had that trait. yo are lucky. hey 25 is not an age to be called aunties and 25 is still youth . till 35 is youth.


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