Wednesday, August 3, 2016

BarAThon: Fragile Lives

Day 3 of the #BarAThon Challenge

He was lying there alone, not knowing where he is. He is still dazed and confused as to what is going on around him. Nothing is really making any sense, the weird smell, so many of unfamiliar faces. Where was he?

His last memory was of him on a bike with his friend on the highway. Why were they on a bike? He wondered. Yes! It's Nishant's birthday. We were going to wish him. We were going fast on Sumer's new 1000cc sports bike

He was slowly trying to open his eyes to the bright light. He saw green curtain drawn near him, he smelt this peculiar hospital smell, he saw people moving swiftly. All seems to be very weird, that's when he hears a woman's voice. He strains his eyes to see to whom is she addressing to, she is talking to Amit, his elder brother. Amit looks so worried. Why?

He starts panicking on what he hears next..He hears the woman say "Your brother? has been calling for you ever since..By the way..his hand..its gone"

These words make him go hysterical. He starts panicking. He goes breathless. He starts screaming,. Hot tears are stung to his eyes. Nothing seems real anymore. He does not remember anything. What accident? Where is he? Who got him here? What happened?

He tries hard to look at his hand..but is not able to see anything. He looks harder and sees his hand wrapped up in something. His shirt is smeared with blood. His pants are torn.He feels no pain..He is not able to cry. He closes his eyes and wishes for a small ray of hope.

Just then the green curtain moves and he sees his friend with whom he was on the bike lying next to him with a sorry look in his eyes.
He hears Amit standing next to him and saying that he had met with an accident. Those few moments felt like a lifetime.
That's when he gave a loud wail.A wail of despair. A wail of helplessness. A wail of losing something very precious.

Two doctors appear from behind the curtains and unwrap his bloodied bandage and say with a faint smile "the hand is badly injured but it can be operated. don't worry"
Hearing these words made him want to laugh and cry at the same time. These words made him want to believe. He wanted to cling this little hope.
This was that moment, when he saw life. This was the moment, when he felt God
One moment of death
        One moment of life
                One moment of smile
                        One moment of tear
                One moment of hope
        One moment of destiny
One moment of Forever

"Life is fragile, Not everyone gets a second chance. Drive safe"


  1. this is an imagination then the emotion portrayed is perfect..If not then God Bless his soul...the person must have gone through a lot of pain

  2. i happened to come by your post just by chance, i got so involved in reading this that i actually forgot my phone Ringing, so much emotions, 1 moment of happiness and sadness together, beautifully written

  3. you have exposed a wide spectrum of human emotion. This is fantastic and more so the inter action very aptly expressed. I guess this is your 1st attempt in this form of transcendental writing. For this for use of exclamatory and interrogatives would have added punch to your work. Besides you could have written shorter sentences which would have enhanced the effect. You need to pay more attention to grammar. Despite the weaknesses, you deserve an 'A'. Keep writing and I will enjoy the read.

  4. very touchy sounds very real

  5. KInda might have happened with sum1..sum time...

  6. A great message accompanied with the captivating post.

  7. A touching story that tears the heart. It's only when we face ourselves and destiny that we realize life's worth. Powerful story.


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