Monday, December 21, 2009

A Single Girl's Prayer

Its the Holiday Season and people are praying to the Lord to fulfill their wishes for the coming year...Somewhere amidst so many prayers there is a Single girl who wants her wishes to be fulfilled this year...Eyes Closed...Kneeling Down...wearing an old ragged shorts and T-shirt

Dear God
grant me the serenity to sit through a date without cringing,
Give me courage to walk out on a delicious bad-boy
Present me with the wisdom to keep looking.
Now when I lay myself to sleep
I pray for a man who is not a creep
One who is handsome, smart and strong
And not afraid to admit when he is wrong
I pray that he is gainfully employed
Who won’t lose his cool on me when he is annoyed
I pray that he love me to no end and never ever compare me to my best friend
A man who would love my cooking better than his mother
Send me a man who would make love to my mind
Thank you in advance and now I jus wait,
For I know you will send him before its too late

Damnn it..I was planning to write a blog but this is turning to be a poetic saga….but that is long as my prayers are answered….

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Speed, My race, My Dream, My Fantasy

The script starts in a simple neighborhood, with a very simple looking girl going for work in the morning waving to her mother, father and a half-sleepy brother. She works all day but by the night this girl changes into something that is not very simple in her fantasy world.

She has a dream to make it into the man’s world of machine especially race cars. Even in her dreams she hears the roaring sounds of engines n sees hydraulics around with her on the driver seat and one hand on the steering wheel n the other on the gear, with police sirens around and and a mystical look in her eyes as she drives right past through them in blasting speed.

She dreams about her turbocharged car having hide-away neon license plate, her name on the headrest DEE-VA”, red suede leather on the roof, high back seats, glow interiors, NOS tank in the back, military radar in the car grille, performance camshafts and cylinder head porting, also valve timing, camshaft timer, and volume of music that the speakers can handle that gives her more thrill to pass the bikers who think girls can’t ride all she says to herself “yo, boys, lemme show ya who's the boss”…She knows she cannot be caught by fool who think they can..before they could start their engine, *poof* she is gone.

People just stare when she drives around, men wanna race but can’t keep with her on the 5th gear…when she is in action..speed is her fantasy..

Then there goes a sound *wrrrrrriiiinnnnngggggggggg* and the alarm goes on…its 7am and back to work

Living in the fantasy worlds is jus awesome.. I love it *wink*