Monday, September 21, 2009

My Little Brother

I tried writing a small poem for the person who is my biggest strength and my biggest weakness too. I love him way too much to tell him...I hate him when he hurts himself...He is younger to me but behaves like an older one...He runs back to me when he needs comfort. LITTLE POEM IS DEDICATED TO MY LITTLE BROTHER
My brother is so annoying,
My brother is so mad,
My brother drives me crazy,
It makes me want to go mad,
My brother makes my father constantly yell,
My brother makes me and my mother cry,
My brother is crazy,
My brother is nuts,

Sometimes I want to grab him,
And beat him when he hurts himself,
I know he loves me, but he never shows

My brother is my baby,
My brother is my confidante,
My brother is my advisory
My brother is my strength
My brother is my weakness

Someday I will have to leave him alone and go,
I know that day will come soon,
All I have to tell him that there hasn't been a moment in my life,
that I haven't thanked god for giving me you