Monday, July 27, 2009

Raiding the memory lane

I just want to share experience over here....
It was a fine Sunday afternoon, gentle wind teasing the rain-wet leaves, a beautiful scenario with people enjoying their weekend.
That’s when I decided to revamp ma closet. (Actually I have been thinking of cleaning it up for quite some time, jus that I was too lazy)

Just like I had expected. I opened my fine wardrobe and a heap of clothes, bags, lingerie’s, everything for that matter fell right on my head, burying me inside a mountain of what-nots
But, I so din expect ma closet-cleaning/revamping to be an adventurous, astonishing, fun journey. I always thought it to be a boring chore.

Now, slowly and steadily I emptied the pile and sat in the center or the room wondering where to start…
So..I started segregating the dresses according to their make and model (am not I sounding technical) …kurtis, shirts, salwars, formals, jeans, capris, skirts, shorts, night suits etc. etc… (etc. is inclusive of all small garments) …the folding was sure a herculean task…then came the main part…. had to hang ma umpteen number of t-shirts on…. that’s when I got my first surprise…Damn!! I actually forgot a few lovely old dresses hidden at the back of ma cupboard (That I almost forgot of) …I found some cute little skirts too…best part. I found money in an old jean…

After all the fabric clearance…I went on to clear up the drawers…Immensely tiring task (at least that what I thought it would be). But it wasn’t. I found a lot many things hidden in my treasure chest…Old sim cards…love letters from boyfriends and love chits from admirers, dried rose petals, and 3 dried roses, 1 toblerone pack, little teddy bear key chain, my knuckle punch (I thought I had lost it in transit), my cycle chain, a boxing glow key chain, some mementos, my old college id card, a few hall-tickets, my baby-pic, 2-3 cigarette boxes, 1 miniature rum bottle, a few gold rings, a necklace that I had got for a valentine, my old one-eyed puppy soft toy, 2 slam books, my stamp collection, my bus ticket collection stacked in a bag.

Gosh!! I mean I never imagined that I had so many things kept neatly in there.

These little things brought back the good memories, it felt really nice to travel back in time.
Especially, now when 70% of our time is spent at work, 10% in traveling, 10% in cribbing bout our problems, 9% in resting…we get measly 1% time for ourselves…

The memories have taught me a new lesson in life. Never waste an opportunity to tell the people important to you that you love them. Who knows it may stay life long as a memory. That will make you smile one day


Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Mumbai sees friends?

I don't how to start this blog...I am making a genuine attempt to start this blog in a proper that I can put ma views across...

Well...I have to travel for like 3 hours to and fro from ma house to ma work...
Today, I was kinda thinking (Actually thinking so deeply that I forgot that ma bus had almost reached my destination)...The life in Mumbai is so different..We tend to meet so many people day in and day out...The faces that are regulars at the bus stops, coffee shops, rickshaw stands etc etc.. I think its only in Mumbai that you have different category of friends..
Some common categories are

1. Bachpan k friends (childhood friends)
2. School friends
3. College friends...

Now...Special Mumbaiyya categories include

# Bus friends
# Train friends
# Building friends
# Area friends
# Just-smile at the daily road friends
# Just-Good Morning / Evening friends
# Sutta/Daru friends
# Chai wala tapri friends
# Canteen friends

uuufffff!!!!!!!!! I yam exhausted thinking so much...Guess I should take the help of ma 3am friends too..

It feels so nice to have so many known and unknown faces caring for you at any point of time and anywhere in the city..The kinda people about whom you know nothing...Sometimes you dun even know their names..But still they are a major chunk of your life

There were actual incidences when Ma Just-smile friends helped we when I was almost on the verge of collapsing..and there are times when your Bus friends share chips n chocolates when you are in dire need of it...there are times when you are low and your Just Good Morning friends light up your day...



Thanks a lot buddies...You make life worth living