Saturday, February 7, 2009

Boring Saturdays

Hello My dahlings...Lotsa Mwaaahhss to all my munchkins

Ya know what people...Working on Saturday is a worst crime...n I tend to commit this offense every damn week...I should be slaughtered to death. Me thinks that My company need a few people like the description given below

# An Intelligent MBA dude with multiple skills and this Dude should be able to Fax, Email, File craps, Xerox and happily make a good cuppa coffee

# Young,ugly,friendless moron with no life, willing to work on weekends and holidays and take up my share of work too

# An Executive Assistant for me from a rich family..who is ready to work for peanuts jus coz he wants experience and money factor does not bother him..

# An Idiot who looks for an increment and takes 5% increment with a smile n never cribs about it and is ready to take a donkey load of work for another 2% increment

# A nice dumdum who can always be relied upon to give a kind ear to my problems and report them straight to the boss...and does not expect nethng more than a smile on ma face wen i get that huge fat paycheck and a promotion

# A professional who says the right things about me to the boss and expects jus a pat on his shoulder and who gives all his credentials of the work to me...which in turn gives ma a handsome raise.

# A problem solver who will jus make thngs right after I have made a helluva mess of it

# A talented loyalist who jus loves being bossed around by me.

Ahhhhhhh........people do u think dat I am asking too much....Naaaahhhhh

I am jus trying to make my organiasation a better place to work.