Monday, December 21, 2009

A Single Girl's Prayer

Its the Holiday Season and people are praying to the Lord to fulfill their wishes for the coming year...Somewhere amidst so many prayers there is a Single girl who wants her wishes to be fulfilled this year...Eyes Closed...Kneeling Down...wearing an old ragged shorts and T-shirt

Dear God
grant me the serenity to sit through a date without cringing,
Give me courage to walk out on a delicious bad-boy
Present me with the wisdom to keep looking.
Now when I lay myself to sleep
I pray for a man who is not a creep
One who is handsome, smart and strong
And not afraid to admit when he is wrong
I pray that he is gainfully employed
Who won’t lose his cool on me when he is annoyed
I pray that he love me to no end and never ever compare me to my best friend
A man who would love my cooking better than his mother
Send me a man who would make love to my mind
Thank you in advance and now I jus wait,
For I know you will send him before its too late

Damnn it..I was planning to write a blog but this is turning to be a poetic saga….but that is long as my prayers are answered….


  1. wish ur al dream/prayers cum true!!!! Merry Cristmas

  2. Im coming for you my princess

  3. may ur wishes come true beautiful


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