Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Bitter Love story

They day he proposed her things changed.1 distraction in life can change a whole relation

In a dance party is where they met. He sees her enter the gates in her silver Lamborghini. Then he goes in to search for her. She is dancing away with her date. Suddenly she catches his eye and he watches her move. He goes to her and asks for a dance. She melts into his arms as if she belonged there all along. Soft music fills the air...his after-shave lingers around her. He holds her hips and they sway to the music. He looks into her eyes. That’s when he realizes that he wants to spend his whole life with her...she does feel a slight flutter in her but dismisses it since she is dating a friend for a few days now. They exchange numbers and part ways. He in his Chevrolet and she in her Lamborghini
She can’t stop thinking about him. She wants to call him but resists herself. She just cannot concentrate on her current date anymore. All her thoughts keep going back to the handsome man who had the eyes full of love. Every time her phone rings she expects to see his name on it.
He wants to call her. But is reluctant because he feels since she did not show any response to his advances. He doesn't want to get rejected this time. He has dated many women. He sure has had an eye for many women. But she was different. No one had stirred this kind of feeling in him ever.

16 days passed without any contact. He was missing her way too much...he could not concentrate on his work. He wanted to see her, meet her, hold her. She now realizes that she is in love with him. But like a typical girl she wanted him to make the first move.
He had raved and ranted about her to all his friends. Her best friend knew how much she adored him
He picks up his cell and types a message on it "hey, want to meet up?"
She was so joyed to see his message that she had tears in her eyes. She replied back "yes. sure.4.30pm waterfront"
He never expected an instant reply from her and that too a positive one.

He chose 25 red roses for her then changed his mind and got 1 pink rose. He spent all his day planning their date. He wanted to make it very special for the special woman in his life.
She spent an extra hour trying to look perfect for him. He reaches waterfront rite at 4.30am and sees her in a beautiful white gown with her hair tied on standing next to her shiny car. Waiting for him. He falls in love with her right over again...he decides that come what may he will propose her today.
They spend a beautiful evening by the lakeside. Talking about themselves. Seeing children play...that's when he holds her hand and says "I love you, I want to spend my whole life with you, I am a bad guy, but the truth is that I can never think of a life without you anymore”. She silently listens to him with tears in her eyes and just nods a yes. And they hug

He drives her to her house that eve. She smiles at him. He looks into her eyes. Pulls her in his arms and places a firm kiss on her lips and says I LOVE YOU again. She blushes and starts crossing the road. She is still hasn't come out the moment that she got kissed from the man she loved. She turned to see him...he gets out the car and starts walking towards her, both have their eyes locked. They didn't realize a speeding truck coming towards them...and...banggggggggggg.....................

the truck smashes his car...
he comes to the girl and says with his voice full of care and concern "babes.... darling.I..I..I... can I....gosh.I.. I am in love with. with with...your car ...can I have your Lamborghini keys. The car is just so so beautiful. I”. She stands there flabbergasted with no words to express how she felt



  1. hahahaha...funnny

  2. hehehe. Deepa@its best! U hv proved it! :D U /m\ baby!

  3. Typical men will be men...

  4. Aisa blog tu hi likh sakti hai my aquarian baby

  5. rockin..am proud of u jerry....ROTFL

  6. ha ha ha ha. very interesting. men are always boys, women are always gals. very nice post.. it was very interesting with a twist . i liked reading this and felt nice reading a good post on my weekend.


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