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This Blog is especially for all you people who have a profile on FACEBOOK. 
This is one of the sites that has hit the records with the youth from all over the world. You meet friends, Chat with friends, meet friends of friends and at times meet certain schmucks too.
These jerks are famous for
a) Bad Vocabulary
b) Strangers with strange requests
c) Very desperate

Many people especially the Females get a load of such FACEBOOK JERKS. Let’s call them FJ's

It’s very easy to spot these FJ's on social sites. For starters they put up a sexy looking celeb pics. They come over randomly with their vocab that can make people forget their basic grammar.
And they are famous for sending random Friendship request and Messages in our Inbox’s.

Initially, when I started social networking sometime in 2007, there were no heavy security or privacy policies, at least not that I was aware of. So I like many others got used to getting so many FJ's day in and day out
"Hi..You want to do fraandsheeps with me".
These are one of the normal kinds of requests from the FJ's.

Then comes the bit advanced stage of Jerkism.
"I whant to make frendshaps to you...."
God I mean I know people make love but how the hell does one make FRENDSHAP. Now whatever that SHAP means.

There are different levels for such FJ's.
The Level 3 FJ's are the ones who Friendship request would sound like some message on a telegram. ”I you frandship". Now that was small n short and a sure rejection.

The level 4 FJ's are the desperate ones.
"Pleaje do freingship to me pls pls pls plz plz" 
Now that really sounds desperate to me or "I be your forever friend" 
Forever friend huh? What on this planet is a FOREVER FRIEND?

One of the requests that my friend had received "I whant to make love to your frandships"
Now What the hell did he mean by saying that? I need an explanation

This is the best FJ's.
The ones that leave me laughing for a long time, with their awesome iinglisss.
There was one that I had got.
I’m going to Ctrl C+Ctrl V with the eggjact same words that he used hi gaugeus (wh..what? geyser, gauge, gaugeus? What? btw he meant gorgeous) me frandshiping with u u agri (it means agree, atleast that’s what I assume)  ..I do not understand. What had gone into him?..sheeeesssshhh.
I really don't agri

There was this One that left me into splits "u wishes..So I come to be yours friend.. No Poblem. I think now i am not the stranger for u...I in dream yours...Now I be you friend. U also Be mines friend..ok"
What he meant to say is "I wished for him. So he has come be my friend. He comes in my dreams and I am his friend and he is mine" (Not in my wildest dreams will I ever think of dreaming about him for sure). But I can never forget this request in my entire life.
After a rejection he came back with another request saying "Your profile is very fundu...You also "vhery cooeat"(in case you din get it..he meant "very cute").I be you dream preeince." (My dream prince? And I just turned into a frog)
God Bless Me

The last but certainly the worst kind of FJ's.
These guys send requests that are in coded forms, like the one that one my girl-pals got.
This one really take the top position “I scene urs profiles. Loogs nais. adding u u adding mine plise..I waiting for adding" (In case you are wondering about what he meant "I scene (seen) ur profiles(profile)..loogs nais(looks nice) adding u adding mine(I am adding you, you add me) plise (please)..I waiting for adding (he is waiting for her to accept his request) ....

This one nearly took us 10 whole  minutes to decode of what he wanted to convey especially the loogs nais...
Pheewwww, it took me some brain-work to pen down these TRUE REJECTION CASES blog.

I NOU (Now) GoIn..YoU ReAd MiNeS (My) BlOgS (blog)..WOkay (Ok)...

I really need some grammar classes now and People who write like this with Capital and Small letters have to go back to Kindergarten

P.S: We do feel like strangling such half-wit desperate retards just like in the picture

This post is written for ABC Wednesday 17 - F


  1. I am not a Facebook fan but I had to subscribe to be able to see the photos of my son. Suddenly I got a bunch of friends, people I don't even know asking me to become their friend. I only added friends and family. I very seldom go on Facebook, I prefer blooging by far !

    1. Good for you Gattina,
      sometimes it feels like a waste of time
      Thanks for sharing your views :-)

  2. This people use interesting vocabulary.

  3. Hm, I'm not a friend of facebook, such things take so many lifetime, what I can use for better things.
    But funny written. That's real.

    Im living in Wernigerode (you've asked at my blog)

    1. I agree with you Mascha,
      But, its become a social must these days
      And your town is beautiful

  4. every person needs at least one true friend, i hope and wish you have more ;-)

    Thank you for participating in ABC-Wednesday, wishing you fun and hope to see you again next time ;-)

    have a nice day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-W-team)

    1. Thanks for sharing your views :-)
      And love to be writing for ABC W

    2. You are welcome ;-)

      Thats nice, so i will see you again ;-)

    3. You would be seeing me regularly :-)

  5. These FJs are obvious jerks and rejects. What one needs to be aware of are the scammers on the dating sites - they speak/write excellent English and woo you into their webs of deceit. Be very careful when suddenly they're short of money! My sister got scammed but never sent $$ and reported them.

    abcw team

    1. Oh that is a scary situation.
      Good she didnt get conned with money

  6. Well, you're right about SOME folks on FB


  7. Hahahaha!! I thought such requests were passe'. They were a hit in my family when Orkut was around. I'd show them posts(Yes! Public comments) written this way.
    Didn't know "sach rekooests were stil beeng use!".
    Well written. Keep 'em coming!

    Rohit Iyer
    Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie

    1. lol try checking the Other messages folder for such jerks buddy.
      thanks for dropping by buddy

    2. Hahaha I did... Word has it that Guys don't get such epic requests! Such a world doesn't exist. Well, at least not yet :P

    3. I don't know if guys are lucky or are they are missing all the fun

    4. Just the opposite :(. Guys become the fun element and are unlucky :'(

      I wish girls sent fraaaandseeep rekooooests too :(

      *slaps myself back to senses*. So I was saying..... :D

      Rohit Iyer
      Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie

    5. Hahaha tell me about it...I dug myself a grave so deep that Adele could roll and sing in her merriest self :D

  8. I don't like FB, but I am a member for the same reason as Gattina. It is a rather messy business.
    Wil, ABCW. Team

    1. many people are in FB just for the same reason
      thanks for dropping by...

    2. Hi Rohgit
      You is giving vhery naice comment on my blug. I whant yours frandsheeps
      Will you pleaaj fringships to me
      I begs you. I very nice, mother praomise, pliss you do me fraandsheeps
      I will aai shapat be yours laifetame phrind

    3. Hi Dee Dee,
      I fraansheep belive lyk frank sheep becose sheep good animal. I is honard becose of dis jeschar of youvars. :P

      //My grammar OCD is tingling now :-s//

    4. The English kid, The Grammar Nazi and the SpellBee inside me died and are rolling in the graves and they have dug 12 feet more inside now

  9. Hallo Dee Dee...I Freenshap wuth u.. u no mind.... alwaz a turue frand i love frandshap


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